Supermarket toilet paper rip off

I have noticed that every so often the 2 big supermarkets will introduce a ‘new’ long-term special on packs of toilet paper.
The paper in the new ‘special’ packs seems quite good for the first month or so, (particularly the ones with a coloured or embossed pattern).
Soon however, there is only non-embossed or plain paper packs available and the quality takes a nosedive … so much so that one needs to include several more layers to avoid ones fingers going straight thru the paper!! NOT NICE!!


buy “Confidence” toilet paper at Aldi. 3 ply instead 2 ply. More sheets per roll.I buy the 4 pack at around $3.49 for 4 rolls. You need to use a lot fewer sheets.
Caz Wood


I buy bulk online. 48 rolls of 2 ply and 700 sheets in each for $46. Very good quality.
They are the same size, only more tightly rolled. Became fed up with the supermarket products offering less and less sheets per roll and prices outrageous.

We have switched to ALDI’s Confidence and also find it good value and reliable to use.

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We don not have an Aldi - and not likely to get one for some years; so any other suggestions?
I used to buy Woolies ‘Select’ when it was 3-ply, then they changed it…

please all buyers - use recycled!


Spend the money on quality toilet paper & don’t buy so many coffees.

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Eco brand at Woolies is good.

I buy online too, from Toilet Paper Plus, with free delivery, I only paid $31 for a box of 48 rolls, and you usually get it delivered the next morning!

Thanks for recommendations. …I’ve now changed to the Aldi’s Confidance and find it to be very good!

Yep, we’ve changed over to

Super soft, recycled toilet paper, double length, 50% of their profits to building toilets in developing countries. As the ad says: Good for your bottom…great for the world. I belong to a community who buys in bulk together, delivered to one address and we go and pick it up from there.
Very good value and at least one product NOT bought from the Conglomerates. Triumph!


We shop at Aldi’s regularly. We find the quality equal to Woolies or Coles and with a lower overall cost. Stopped buying chook though- see my post on " We need a real free range chicken campaign"

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I buy ours online from They give 50% of profits to charities providing sanitation aid. Choose from recycled or the better quality bamboo. Nice big rolls last for ages.


Have a look at the “Long Roll” option. You’ll often find 4 “Long Rolls” at 270-300 sheets per roll will give around the coverage (?) as 8-10 cheapies; and you’ll spend less time changing rolls.

i also subscribe to the look above and below eye level rule of shopping. You’ll rarely see bargains at eye level. Most will be on the top or bottom shelves. Similarly, I don’t buy from the “bargains” at the end of aisles as they aren’t usually as good a bargain as they look.


We stumbled upon icare 100% recycled from woollies a while back which was a non-advertised special which worked out at 11cents per 100 sheets. It’s also 3 ply, double length at 360 sheets, Australian made and owned and proudly endorsed by planet. Don’t have to use as much and lasts forever, well almost.

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I use Sorbent or Kleenex and purchase the huge pack when it’s on special.Your then winning in the long run

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@Buzz3 Way to go .They often have the 48 packs at Foodworks near me for $15 . :grinning:


I too use WhoGivesaCrap tp–has a very low PTR (poke through rate!), and is 3 ply.

Nice to know that third world countries benefit as well as a genuine Australian company.

Not everybody has an Aldi! We don’t!