Sun umbrella for pool / outdoor area

I was wondering if anyone could recommend a good quality large outdoor sun umbrella for my pool area? Investigating this has not yielded any impartial ideas. Does anyone have experience with one that they could recommend?


We have a cantilever “Shelta” (2.9m square) with the sand filled mobile base. Can be wheeled around on level pavement. It is on the expensive side compared to similar size at Bunnings but it appears very well made and still looking good after 7 years. It is folded up with cover on when not in use and most winters it is unbolted from the base and stored undercover. Last year we replaced the cover. It is susceptible to wind so if there is strong breeze I wouldn’t use it, moderate wind OK but don’t use it in the almost vertical mode if any wind around as it can act as a pure sail.


Thank you very much. That is a great help. Appreciated.


Hi not sure where you are based, but we have an amazing umbrella over our pool which has been in for approximately 13 years. they aren’t cheap but are very durable. link attached


Thank you very much for the tip. Appreciated



The following is a link to a post I made about Made in the Shade umbrellas in the Cantilever Umbrella Topic.

Hi, That is no good for you! Frustrating. Thank you for the tip. Appreciated.

Does anyone have advice on selecting the best outdoor umbrellas please? My online searching has revealed so many conflicting comments and I haven’t yet found a product that does not have serious negative reviews! (I am very surprised that CHOICE does not seem to have reviewed this product).

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There has been some discussion in this existing topic that could be useful. Your post had been moved to continue the existing discussion.

There is a variety of products available. Some are temporary/portable. Others need a fixed installation. Some are weather proof, while with others the advice is they are best not left out in the rain. Possibly one challenge for any review as what suits one user may be a different need to others.

Is there a particular style/type, size, location (salt air or not) and purpose in mind?


It really depends on a lot of factors and there are a few different kinds. Centrepost vs Cantilever, where it’s going, how it will be used.