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Sour dough bread

Maybe a question that everyone else know the answer to but I cannot find information. What are the benefits of sour dough bread, why is it so popular and considered to be a healthy choice?


An advertisement, although self serving, has its opinion

and you can take or leave the veracity of this article

We buy sour dough purely because of the taste and crust. I cannot speak for others.


We eat it for the same reasons but only when we are eating pasta and such like to mop up the sauce.

We buy Coles Finest By Laurent White Sourdough Vienna which is the nicest that we have tasted.


Nutritionally there isn’t much difference between Sourdough and other breads made from similar ingredients… If you like the flavour, texture, crust etc of a type of bread then enjoy it. There are really no right or wrong answers as can be seen from what follows as both articles have differing answers in parts but the whole outcome is enjoy in moderation regardless of what type you eat. Of course if you are a Celiac sufferer then avoiding gluten is imperative.

This article from Healthline has references to studies to support it’s statements. From the overall assessment in the article it supports that Sourdough has several health benefits for eaters of the product:

There is however an article about a study which says that the differences between eating Sourdough and other breads is not significant:

Link to the Study


Sounds like a plan.

The reasons given for greater health-giving all look rather tenuous to me, or at least unproven. They also make the error of jumping between saying it is higher in some factor that is thought to be beneficial and allowing people to conclude that therefore this bread is better for you; the two are not the same. Further, much of the blurb is about applying the ‘all natural’ gloss, which various people here have mentioned, quite a few times, is a fallacy.

I sometimes keep my dough (using normal yeast) for 24-36 hours before baking which definitely changes the flavor (more yeasty) and texture (more crunchy crust). Some people really like that result. It would share with sourdough the greater development of yeast metabolites although they would be somewhat different. Worth a try if you like that kind of thing and it can be done with normal bread machine ingredients.


Thanks everyone.


For sufferers of IBS or hypersensitive intestinal disorder, Monash Uni recommends sourdough on its FODMAP diet. All other wheat products are out of bounds. (Wheat, not gluten).
Genuine slow cultured sourdough that is, not commercial products, which often contain small quantities of yeast to speed up the process.

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I wonder how well this compares with general dietary advice for IBS? The source adds credibility and it should be a good option.

It is also supported by an App

The FODMAP diet is always recommended in the first instance by gastroenterologists, and while very challenging to follow, if often highly effective.
Some people are able to revert to an average diet after some months on it. Wheat can continue to be inflammatory though, so home made sourdough is a good solution.

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