Scam or reality in the closedown?

Scam or reality in the closedown?

Amazingly, google search concerning Hello Mobile closedown proved to be absolutely futile while attempting to discover an official confirmation or at least to come across the pertinent chat online… mentioning outlandish closedown. Meanwhile thousands of users predominantly seniors who relied on the low-cost telecommunication (prior abandoned during pandemic as public access to the interned ceased), now are compelled to search for the viable alternative.

A mission impossible as the ruthless, predatory operators, had a frenzy feeding on human misery. Unnoticed apparently by the hoodwinked watchdog organisations. Casualties of Telstra revelations emerged often, while the untouchable Optus got away with the perpetual crime perpetration over the years. As a result, voiceless seniors such as myself, ended-up devastatingly ripped off (unnoticed apparently by the perfidious members of parliament).

Elaborated in the emailed complaints to on 14-04-23 and 27-04-23, due to the highly inflated level of data usage! Further emailed protest on 03-05-23, raised concern due to the imbedded fictitious (SVOD) streaming video on demand services, STAN video on demand subscription and the lastly emerged SVOD_NETFLIX within my data usage. Although never requested within my plain prepaid plan… nor ever used… any of that.

Surreptitiously nevertheless a hefty data deduction on the false pretences persisted to bleed my credit. “Standard GPRS charges apply to navigate to YouTube”… such an unsettling claim seem to be quashed by the ZERO RATED GPRS. Obviously, applicable clarification of such a technical jargon is essential. Encompassing the prominent PRECONNECT mode. Whatever that supposed to mean?

Capitalised undoubtedly to eclipse the vital info within the user’s account (details of which have been deliberately faded out). Scandalously in arrears for days, lately stretched to 5 days. Ultimately updated few records disappeared shortly afterwards. So much for the browsing history statistic, courtesy of the devious modus operandi. Still daring to claim: “Your usage is typically updated within 4 hours”.

Exacerbated by the awfully tiring perusal at the Optus user’s account. Deliberately spread over several pages by Optus while its animated gimmick announced: “Retrieving your information”. Whatever it takes to discourage browsing by user. Culminating in a fleeting glance at few figures, instead of having full access to data usage history. Intended surely to preclude any attempt to reconcile all the bits and pieces.

While their crude animated meter (containing data balance display) lacked the crucial time-n-date indicator. Thus, no way for user to know the actual data usage status (courtesy of Optus scam-artistry). Viewing of which is hindered by a lengthy log-in process, involving verification code retrieval from the hellomobile phone, now in jeopardy. As according to the (inaccessible to google search) superimposed notice at the website, an end of Hello Mobile service loomed on 01-07-23.

Consequently, Optus network that supplies my wireless modem via Optus Data SIM (feeding my laptop), to operate without any oversight on my part. Due to ceased access to my Optus account. Anyway, my exertion to confront the disparity in data usage has been futile. Thus, having no choice but let the remainder of my prepaid plan to expire. Not before being solved next hurdle, as in spite of having my prepaid plan, predatory Optus set it default in an auto-renewal mode (whatever it takes to extort more money from the fleeced seniors).

To avert which, one got to be savvy enough to locate the settings buried within the Optus app. Which becomes inaccessible, once the prepaid term expires. So, it’s a vicious circle all around. In fact, impossible to proceed without having access to the user’s account, to download Optus app. By no means it has been solely my bad luck, as the product review sites are amassed with the casualties of Optus cries for help.

Utterly devastated user
Robbed Senior Citizen

22 June 2023

Hi @Aghast-Senior, welcome to the community.

It can be very stressful when a service provider decides to stop offering its services such as Hellomobile has done for its mobile phone plans.

Hellomobile was a reseller of the Vodafone 4G network. Vodafone no longer exists as a separate entity as it has merged with TPG to create TPG Telecom. In effect Vodafone no longer exists and could be behind the decision by Hellomobile to cease offering mobile plans.

Finding and changing to an alternative mobile phone provider/reseller is relatively straight forward. The announcement by Hellomobile in relation to cessation of mobile plans provides an overview of what is needed. In simple terms, one finds a new mobile provider, makes an application with the new provider and as part of the process ask for the mobile number to be ported to the new provider.

It may seem daunting finding a new mobile phone provider, but there is information in the community which may be of assistance such as this existing thread:

Choice has also prepared an article on the 'Best SIM Only Plans:

Both the above links may be useful for to read and assist in your decision making.

It also appears that you are having difficulties with your Optus wireless modem. A suggestion may be if you have the NBN connected to your residence and this is where the laptop with the wireless dongle is most often used, look at using the local WIFI network within your dwelling.

If you travel occasionally and have a smart phone, most smart phone allow WIFI hotspots to be created so that non-mobile network connected devices can connect to the internet through the mobile network. Ability to use hotspots will be dependent on the data allowance for the mobile provider and also coverage of the mobile network provider.

If you have difficulties with transitioning from Hellomobile to another provider, Hellomobile indicated that they have a support team which existing customers can all for assistence (see cessation announcement).

Alternatively, if you have any specific questions or challenges, you are welcome to post additional messages below for community members to respond.


Not understanding what Hellomobile phone service has got to do with Optus.

But as with you, I find the Optus online service mostly unusable to check usage on my Optus prepaid SIM phone. I have given up on it and just wait for an SMS to alert me to low account and just recharge my normal amount. Definitely no auto-recharge with my card.