Samsung Washing Machine issues

The affected units were discovered to have an internal fault where condensation can penetrate an electrical connector causing deterioration which may in turn cause a fire.

The models subjected to the recall were manufactured between 2010 and 2013 and include model numbers: SW75V9WIP; SW65V9WIP; SW70SPWIP; SW80SPWIP; WA85GWGIP and WA85FWWIP.


A bit like the Takata airbags critical recalls as they are the same models subject to the 2013 recalls but it appears some people did not bother, thus resulting in a fire last week.

#Samsung - Samsung Top Loader Washing Machines



Date published

29 Apr 2013

Product description

Samsung top loader washing machines



Identifying features

The following model names manufactured in 2010, 2011, 2012 and some models in 2013 are affected:







Other models are not affected.

What are the defects?

In some circumstances, there is a chance that moisture may penetrate the electrical connectors of the machines.

What are the hazards?

If the defect occurs the machines pose a fire hazard to consumers.

What should consumers do?

If your model number is one of the six listed, and you have not yet received a remedy, you should register your details in the form found on or contact the Samsung Product Safety Hotline on 1800 239 655 (8am-8pm, 7 days a week). If your model is affected, you are entitled to elect either a replacement (with a Samsung washing machine that is not subject to a product safety recall) or refund. The hotline agent can help you through this process.

Samsung recommends that you immediately turn off your affected top loader washing machine at the power point and do not use it while you wait for a remedy.


Samsung Electronics Australia Pty Ltd

Traders who sold this product

Sold in major stores and specialist retailers nationally

Where the product was sold


Recall advertisements and supporting documentation

Recall advertisement.pdf (459.88 KB)

Responsible regulator

Energy and utilities unit (NSW) is the responsible regulator for this recall.


“When we used the default program on this Samsung machine, it used a whopping 199 litres of water to do a complete load – that’s the most water we’ve seen used by a washing machine in quite a long time, so it receives a score of just 1% on that front,” says CHOICE home appliance expert Ashley Iredale. “In fact, it’s only one litre of water away from scoring zero.”


Far OUT! It’s incredible and disgraceful that such a machine was even designed, let alone allowed for sale in this country when we’re experiencing extensive drought. That’s an obscene amount of water for just one load. There must be some Government department who can stop this, @Choice how about writing them a letter and also publishing a name and shame list for appliances like this?

Then again the drink fridges at supermarket checkouts don’t have doors and merrily pump out cold air all day into atmosphere. I guess if folks aren’t outraged about this it’s no wonder machines like the Samsung can be sold legally in 2019.


Our 8.5 kg Samsung Top Loader washing machine has been having spin cycle issues (UE code-Uneven) and just had a repairer ($127) look at it. Needs a new suspension kit, quote about $450-500 (including above service cost). The quote for the part needs to verified by the manufacturer and could be more. Also, that the warranty on the parts is 3 months only.
The part (s) may take up to 2 weeks to be available.

We use this machine 7 days a week, almost twice a day last 4-5 years.

I am tossing between replacing it with a front loader (eg LG 9kg $899) or repairing it.

Any thoughts?


Sounds like your washer gets a lot of use and it has basically just started to wear out. You could pay the cost of a repair, but then what else will need fixing in the near future?
The price difference between repairing your old washer with no warranty left, and buying a new washer with lots of warranty on it is only a few hundred dollars.
For me I would buy a new unit.
Now whether it is top loader or front loader is another story.


Thanks, I see that a new Samsung has a 10 year warranty, and I agree that other things may be failing in the background.
I’m not keen to throw good money for bad, and it has been used A LOT - teenagers :slight_smile:

I’m leaning towards a FL as we have a small laundry with little space and the water usage of a FL seems a better deal.

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Well if there is one thing Choice does plenty of is tests on washing machines.
Check out the reviews before deciding on TL or FL, or any particular brand.


Yes, an never ending debate.


Never been anything but an obvious choice for me. You can put a tumble dryer on top of a front loader.

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That’s my thought as we do have a lack of storage.


Be very careful to read the test of FL fully. Some take 3, that’s THREE, hours for one cycle according to Choice testing.

I use TL and have the dryer on the wall above it. Most TL with which I am familiar are no higher than 1.34M which isn’t a big stretch for the average person. Her Ladyship, who is a bit vertically challenged, uses that height as an excellent excuse to have me do the drying. I have placed a small two step aluminium ladder beside the washer but she ignores that when I’m around. Mostly we can dry the washing on the line but from what you say your family probably wouldn’t have the time to line dry given the number of loads.

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Our drier (occasional use when it’s too wet to line dry) is set up similar over the TL. I’m forever hitting my head on it, especially when taking a load out.

The laundry is too small to offer an alternative, other than a FL under. The drier height is set to suit the shorter of the family. The top shelf of the kitchen storage is similarly left unused.

Depending on?
Respectfully as we get older, using step up devices assumes knees and hips are in good order. Falling off also seems a likely event, factual family history considered. Note the numerous hard surfaces and sharp edges found in laundries only increase the risk of serious injury, leading to hospitalisation or worse.

Despite my best efforts our one and only LG branded FL was a disaster. Longer wash times, noise and floor walking on slippery glazed tiles all added to the angst. The current TL is showing signs of it’s age (acquired second hand). I may yet have another chance at a FL considering carefully the latest Choice recommended models.

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Thanks everyone.
Decided to go ahead and buy a new washing machine, opting for a FL
I went to the usual big name stores (5 in total), and surprisingly not many FL’s in stock.
Ended up buying this one recommended by Choice
Its going through its first wash now :slight_smile:


Having recently retired an LG you will probably love it. Not meaning to give you worries or make you second guess, but keep an eye on the drum bearings as they seem a weak aspect of many LG models. If you notice the drum getting draggy when manually spun (eg when unloading) and hear intermittent noises like the motor may be struggling for a moment now and then, time to call warranty service. In our case we missed those signals and it washed normally up to the day it ‘failed to wash’ and the repairman educated me about it. This was outside the written warranty and just beyond when we could have argued the ACL, so a costly lesson.


Thank you for the tip! It has a 10 year warranty on the drum it seems (if that means anything)

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We are not worried about the long wash times, as we figured that it would take up 2 of our normal loads to make it up to 12 kg. The Samsung did a normal wash in 1hr 10 mins, and a short wash up to 50 mins.
Our reckoning is also the more efficient spin cycle, so fingers crossed.


LG will repair the Direct Drive Motor which in LG’s opinion needs repair because of a manufacturing or materials defect appearing and notified to LG within a further EIGHT (8) YEARS from expiration of the Original Warranty. The Direct Drive Motor Warranty covers supply of parts only. You must pay the costs of the Authorised Service Centre

That is all I can find. Nothing about the drum itself (a potential rust issue) or the bearings. The base warranty looks to be 2 years parts and labour.



I had a similar repair in 2020, I went directly to F & P for their repair. Technician came out once and fixed on the spot. The Suspension Kit Aqua Pkt4-BLK 424495P was $95. There was a few other thing also need repairing at the time due to a leak, Total cost, including original call out, labour and associated parts $336. Never missed a beat since.