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Post does not show in latest list

I made a post in recalls this morning.

Although it was my own post it did not and does not display in the ‘latest’ list just in the recall category to which I posted. I believe new topics previously showed in the latest lists as soon as posted, did they not?

I then used search on ‘Samsung’ to see how that would go and notice the returns are not in any particular order I could discern. I would have expected more recent posts to be at the top, but they appear in a random order, not even obviously alphabetical.

Re not being in ‘latest’, it might be related to the slowness of the site to respond and could show up eventually, but. The ordering seems a deficiency in presentation.


When I looked at new, your post was there.

I can’t see the posts I have created in ‘New’ either. Perhaps because having written it, it is not new to the author?


Some categories are suppressed from appearing in the ‘Latest’ topics to avoid people feeling ‘spammed’ if there is a lot of activity in a particular area. To counterbalance, we’re doing more featured posts on recalls that will be available in the ‘Latest’ topics.

Thanks for the washing machine recall post by the way, I imagine Samsung is feeling the heat at the moment.


The results may have defaulted to “Sort by Relevance” and maybe its idea of relevance is not attuned to yours :slight_smile: . You can change the sort to “Sort by Latest Topic” (or Latest Post, depending on which you want).

You can also filter by date and choose “after <select today’s date>” which, unless you are prolific, should narrow it down sufficiently.


Methinks my body is back from holiday, but the mind is still away. :frowning:

Thanks for the refreshers. Too obvious.


Methinks a good problem to have.