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Royal Commission into the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry



Why not flick him an email and point him to this forum :wink:

Matt didn’t send me an email … (real or CBA NetBank message)


Another class action headache for NAB and MLC.

The chickens are certainly coming home to roost now.


Another bad news story about the grubby banks.


Time to consider a Public Sector bank? Everything’s connected.


The chickens are certainly coming home to roost after the release of Commissioner Kenneth Hayne’s interim report.

We’re going to need a bigger jail. Well, it would be nice to think so.


Yet another article about the bottom feeding banks.

Which bank? They are all grubs.


And yet another article.


I’m finding it difficult to determine if there are any banks in Australia that have been seen in a positive light following the royal commission?


Of course there is. The Reserve Bank Of Australia.


I’m still happy with my credit union- I haven’t been following the RC all that closely, but I doubt they were mentioned. Far better to support your local community via credit unions etc, than the dodgy big corporate banks IMO.


Another day. Another dollar. Another article about the bottom feeding banks.


Once upon a time The Shovel was one of the best satire sites we had. In recent times they have moved to looking like real news. This expose is right on.


Another couple of articles about the CBA Dollarmites scheme.

At least Choice is trying to do something about it.


Yet another article about the Banking Royal Commission outcomes.


I always look at the Quizzical daily quiz on the website.

When I saw what the title of today’s quiz was, I immediately expected it to be about the banks.

It is titled “Know Parasites?”


Give us this day our daily banking scandal.


We once had one of those. If another is started up, it will be sold off eventually too.


More than one. Some, if not all, of the states have had their own public-sector banks from time to time.

If we do something suitably memorable to those responsible for privatising the ones we had, perhaps not. :smiling_imp:


This whole disgraceful banking scenario reminds me of an episode of the radio comedy series How Green Was My Cactus many years ago.

The bank manager scurries through the darkness like a rat and then hops into his coffin in his office.

A group of disgruntled customers enter the office and lift the lid of the coffin, and one says “Quick. Drive this stake through his heart”.

The bank manager jumps up and yells “You fools. That only works with vampires. Bank managers don’t have a heart”.


CBA to refund unauthorised fees charged to dead customers.

How very generous and noble of them.