Robot Lawn Mowers

Noted one member has asked about a particular brand and model of robotic lawn mower.

Looking at the market there appears to be an increasing range of products in the market from reputable manufacturers with widespread distribution and support.

Eg Stihl, Husqvarna, Honda, and even a Gardena brand from Bunnings.

With the benefits of battery operation, quiet? and no petrol is it time for a round up and review.

Typically reviews I’ve seen for lawn maintenance equipment in magazines and online come with implied caveats. Implied because there is only a limited number of products tested or a single brand with adds for the same strategically located in the publication.

Choice acts independently.

I’d be more interested in something like one of these, however that might be asking a little too much of the Choice budget. It’s also only has one battery required for starting the 30kW, 3 cylinder Yanmar. I assume it is GPS ready, but likely very unforgiving of obstructions, bandicoots, fence posts, etc.


I’ll be sure to pass this on to the product testers :+1:

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I was the one that asked; looked at your ‘green climber’ but I think that one is meant for large areas or farms. I only want to cut the backyard and the footpath (my husband is 86 and finds it too much nowadays).

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My mum-in-law found the same at close to that age. A neighbour now does the mowing and edges.

Paying for a service can become very expensive, and most of us would prefer to stay in our own home. Depending on where we live our older homes may not be worth enough to even cover the cost of downsizing in the same area.

It looks as if there are plenty of known brand choices which may work out ok for cost, assuming someone at home can manage the rest of the garden/yard.

If you outsource, as per several of our closer family do, even a small block done on average every two weeks can cost up to $2,000pa at $75 per visit! There are no families with young kids looking to work hard for pocket money in many older suburbs either. Assuming that’s still morally and legally accepted.

And yes, the Green Climber is really designed for tough bush conditions. I could buy a really good new car, even a BEV and pay for an OS holiday with change for what they cost. From base model $US45,000 without looking too hard for a local price. I suspect the LV300PRO is around the $AU90,000. There is no point applying online for a quote, as both are way outside my price range and all sensibility, vs needs. I included the link to demonstrate the extent to which automation and remote control has advanced in the outdoor world. LG robot vacuum cleaners excepted.

Broad acre farming currently can include GPS guided machinery that is effectively hands free. The notion of letting an automated (AI) mower weighing the best part of a tonne loose in suburban environs is just as likely, given the development of self driving cars.

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In Qld there is the option at an earlier age to access Community Support Scheme if under 65 (or 50 if ATSI) which will assist with the cost:

If older then “My Aged Care” see: