Qantas Frequent Flyer issues

The famous Australian icon should change it’s familiar Kangaroo logo to an Ostrich with it’s head stuck in the sand. Communication is NOT Qantas strong point. After many many decades - the now infamous Qantas has forgotten how to communicate with its life blood - it’s customers.
I’ve been a Frequent Flyer member for decades not once dipping into my points accrual now close to 500,000. For the first time trying to use my points for a family holiday, Qantas Frequent Flyer office refuse to answer my requests for assistance. I’ve made numerous phone calls waiting on once for over 6 hours before hanging up. I’ve sent numerous emails to them - even their famous globe trotting Irish CEO - again no replies. Qantas keep their long time customers like mushrooms, in the dark. s the famous Jan once said: “Not happy” Qantas. Not happy.

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Once upon a time I was in a similar situation with Ansett. ‘Puff’ all gone.

There after life leaned towards Qantas. As the points increased the prospect of a many points loomed. Of course the options for using points were much more limited until Virgin pushed Qantas hard.

My reality today.
Points are never assured.
Points don’t do as far as they used to.
It’s not the long ago on my timeline that 500,000 points would buy a round the world for one business class with plenty left over.
I now use points as far as practical as they accrue. Similar to using the accrued credits on the shops at Woolies giving 4c/l off petrol or a $10 reward of a shop.

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