POLL: Travel rights in Australia and Qantas

Last week we awarded Qantas a Shonky award for being the Spirit of Disappointment.

There are some threads here in the CHOICE Community about Qantas issues in particular, and we lodged a formal complaint with the ACCC over Qantas’s flight credits policies earlier this year. As the person overseeing and responding to people directly affected by travel issues, I’ve seen a lot of challenges people are facing first hand, and it’s my opinion that the patience and perseverance shown by Australians facing these hardships has been nothing short of impressive and commendable.

Whether that’s meant ridiculous wait times on the phone, having to ‘negotiate’ for a service already paid, unacceptable price fluctuations, missing bags or one of the many other situations we’ve seen, the message is clear - this isn’t good enough. Yes, the pandemic was an unprecedented situation, but that doesn’t mean that everyday people should foot the bill or deal with ramifications outside of their control into perpetuity. The amount and seriousness of the complaints about Qantas is unlike anything I’ve experienced.

Giving Qantas a Shonky is not the beginning of our efforts to improve travel rights for Australians, and it definitely won’t be the end. This is why we’re getting ready to talk to ministers about improving travel rights, such as mandating requirements for travel credits and implementing reforms that would mean better customer service standards and ways for consumers to access remedies under the law.

If these issues matter to you, please add your voice to our POLL below. There is an open text box to add further thoughts, and we also welcome discussion here in the CHOICE Community, so feel free to add your comments below.


Too kind given Qantas have shown no interest in collecting it. :joy:
Never in 45 years of flying has it been like it has been recently. Even when there was the pilots strike, or Ansett folded owing me 250,000 points.


I don’t use QANTAS, my family and friends have experienced issues with them. On that basis they are our last choice airline domestically and internationally.

I completed the survey and advised of our choice as above.



The staff are fabulous, but the management appears to be more about cost cutting than about providing the levles of services we expect.

It’s ironic that QANTAS can afford to pay Mr Joyce the equivalent of seven figure bonuses on top of his seven figure pay, but can’t afford the necessary levels of staffing in Australia.


I’d call that unconscionable…. Alan Joyce has always seemed to me to be someone after the big bucks. But of course, that is just opinion. I’ve never flown Qantas, mostly because when I needed to fly I could not afford it, but I found United to be quite acceptable. But anyway, thats why I’m not participating in the poll.

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and a glimmer of light in what remains the dark

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