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POOL - Heat Pump - Any Recommendations?

hi -
I have disconnected my black rubber tubing Pool Solar - because -
(a) it is on my valuable North facing roof space [ I am going to install PV panels for Electricity instead]; AND…
(b) I am going to buy a Pool Heat Pump which will further extend my swimming season
My pool I 9m by 4.5m - about 55,000 Litres

Has anyone had a heat-pump installed ?
…Brand, Model, Cost - is it reliable, cost efficient…etc?
thanks for the help…

Not for a pool, but we had a Rheem heat pump installed some 5 years ago and it’s been flawless and really cheap to run from the off-peak supply.

What brand heatpump and what result. I am about to buy a heat pump for a 55k litre pool