Solar Pool Blanket Issues

On the recommendations of our Pool Care franchisee, we purchased from Daisy Pool Covers the 525B blue solar pool cover plus a roller to wind it up on. We selected that one because it was described as Daisy’s thickest non-commercial grade solar pool cover, and we didn’t want any problems with our pool cover or the roller for a long time.

The solar blanket is delivered and then has to be cut to shape on site to exactly fit the pool. Therefore we also had to pay for our pool man’s time to do this.

Believing that we would get at least 8 years (the warranty period) use out of the cover, we are most disappointed that it should be ripping and perishing after less than 4 years, .

Based on their statements about the harsh environment to solar covers are in, Daisy have a pro-rata warranty system. By my calculation our 525B blue cover which we have and is not quite 4 years old, should have an 8 year warranty [based on their web page]. Working on the 8 year warranty, we should have to pay a maximum of 50% of $714 (the quoted cost from Daisy of a new cover), being $408 ($357 + $51 freight).

Working with the $408 amount, it would costs us $1,120 (the original $712 + the above $408) for 8 years of pool cover life, working out at $140/year, which is noticeably higher than the indicative $80-$120 cost per annum (on the above web page).

I’m sure you will understand our disappointment with this product. Now we will have to consider as to whether it is worth spending even the $408 I calculated to purchase another pool cover from Daisy which will likely only last another 4 years.

Does anyone have any recommendations on a really good quality solar pool cover that can survive in a sunny & windy environment?

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I have had my pool blanket for 10+ years. It is a thick residential type. I don’t remember the manufacturer.
I placed the blanket roller under the shade of trees, therefore when rolled up the blanket it is never in direct sun.
I also have friends who bought a similar blanket and roller, however in their case the blanket when rolled up was in direct sun, no shade whatsoever. Their blanket had deteriorated by the end of their first Summer.
My opinion is that when the blanket is rolled up and in direct sun the material over- heats due to the sun beating down on layer upon layer of the semi- transparent material and there is no air circulation to provide cooling, therefore the plastic material cooks and goes brittle, consequently then falls apart.


Thank you @cforte2.

Because we live in a sunny :sunny: & windy :leaves:environment (exposed environment up on a hill), to minimise the evaporation and venturi effect, we leave the solar pool cover on all the time except for when we are actually using the pool. This is why we want a heavy duty one. :slight_smile:

Is the original a blue bubble wrap material, if it it is there is a green version, that lasts longer, Used to get up to 7 years if stored out of the sunlight out of them…I used to repair them with a cheap blue tarp material and bear cement.

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We had friends with the same problem of their custom made pool cover not lasting more than a few years. They ended up resorting to a roll of builders plastic and cutting it themselves to fit over the pool (rather than in it). They have said that the current home made cover has lasted longer than the more expensive bought ones and being black, it also heats the pool up in the cooler months.


Update on our Daisy Pool Cover

I received a reply from Mark Goddard, Operations Manager (Director) - Daisy Pool Covers, which stated that “Holes, rips and tears are not covered under the pro rata warranty. The cover you have is a series 8 500 micron cover as the 525B is a new cover this year. Yes the series 8 cover should last around 8 years depending on care.”

He completely ignored my questions about the warranty, and how he calculated the pro-rata pricing. They are also ignoring that the cover is disintegrating and the damage is consequential to that.

I talked to our pool care franchisee, and they come under the ‘expert’ banner for Daisy so our pool cover actually has a 10 year warranty! So if the pool cover is expected to last around 8 years what is the 10 year warranty really worth?

I also found out from our franchisee that Daisy sell the pool covers to them as the installers at 50% of the retail price so they buy the $714 cover for $357. Freight of $51 is on top of this.

This means that Daisy offer to me of $519.56 ($468.56 + $51 Freight) pro-rata warranty pricing means that they would actually be making a $111.56 profit on the warranty claim which in my opinion is outrageous.

All in all, I am realizing that Daisy Pool Covers are doing their best to avoid their responsibilities under the ACL and their warranty is valueless.

More to come :slight_smile:

Correct I have seen the same.

Another update.

Daisy Pool Covers (DPC) stopped responding to me when I cited the ACL, and how it was a ‘major problem’, and shouldn’t be charged shipping fees, etc.

I waited till January, when the Jim’s Pool Care hierarchy had returned from their break, and wrote them and email explaining & detailing the retailer’s warranty liability under ACL.

Five weeks later - no response from Jim’s. Writing again, giving them five work days to reply.

It appears as though I’m on a hiding to nothing at this stage! :confounded:

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I got onto the Jim’s web page chat, and corresponded with a person there who said they would look into it. Not too long after, I received an email from Jim Penman. After some emails back and forward, he suggested I accept Daisy Pool Covers offer of a new cover at 50% of the cost (the pool cover was less than 4 years old out of a pro rata warranty of 8 years).

I said yes with conditions, such as I will NOT pay for the transport of the new cover as Daisy Pool Covers is demanding.

I will update as more comes to hand.


The pool cover finally arrived and has been installed.

I am conflicted because on one hand I am glad it is finally rectified, but I am also angry with the injustice of the process.

Even though there was clearly a MAJOR fault with the pool cover, the manufacturer, Daisy Pool Covers, has all the power in this situation. They just don’t care about the ACL (Aust Consumer Law), nor did they care about losing the whole of Jim’s Pools business Australia wide. As I stated in an earlier post, Daisy Pools also wanted to charge me freight, which is also clearly contra to the ACL.

What’s the point of the ACL if it can so readily be ignored? It would seem that the ACL works for those who have the where-with-all to get legal backup. Had I the resources to back me up, I would have fought it. I don’t so I paid. :unamused:


My friend had the same experience from Daisy and it lasted only for few months. Glad that yours has been rectified but they didn’t took any action in my friends case. I have been using the pool covers from the Sydney City Pool Covers for 4.5 years and its still in good condition.


Thanks for the tip @lewisreed.

The new pool cover has shrunk, and is already showing signs of deteriorating only 16 months on.

I would actively discourage anyone thinking of buying a pool solar blanket from buying any Daisy product.


Similar issue - their thermotech spa cover has de-laminated. Daisy suggested it was due to chlorine although the pool is an ionised (chlorine free) pool. These pro-rata guarantees are rubbish and allow the manufacturer to literally charge you for their bad quality product. Steer clear of Daisy.


Daisy Pool Covers tried to blame the blanket deteriorating on the level of chlorine in our pool too. Fortunately, our pool person was willing to go into bat for us that the chlorine levels were well within spec.

I hope that you have your complaints to Daisy in writing or email as verbal communication can be disputed or denied too easily. Have a look at Choice’s complaint templates to help you write a formal letter of complaint. Remember; just write the facts in a polite letter.

I suggest you copy your written complaint to Fair Trading, and the ACCC. Fair Trading my be able to assist.

If enough people complain, maybe just maybe, one day the ACCC may get around to slapping Daisy Pool Covers on the wrist.


Laughable! who would design a pool cover that isn’t suitable to be used with chlorine!! Bet it didn’t say that on the box when you bought it.


It doesn’t come in a box. It was made to measure for our pool, which is rectangular with a semi-circle attached. The blanket comes rolled up (and wrapped in plastic cling film if I remember correctly). The semi-circular piece is heat welded to the rectangular piece, and it all has to be trimmed to fit to the pool walls exactly.

And no, there was no documentation with it.


I purchased a Dairy titanium (heating) pool cover from pool express, to replace a similar cover (unknown manurfacturer) that was was more than 12 years old. Within 6 months some bubbles cracked letting in water. Within 2 years sections were getting brittle and bubbles disintegrating. At 4 years old t is competely brittle (crispy in fact) and sheds hundreds of bubbles every time the cover is removed, and nealry 50% of bubbles have broken. It is in far worse condition than the 12+ year old cover it replaced. It has never been exposed to high chlorine levels (salt water pool) and it always has a white cover to protect it if rolled up during the day. There seems no point in taking up the warranty offer of a discounted purchase to replace at less than 8 years old to get such a poor quality product again.


Welcome to the Community.

Sorry to hear about your troubles. It’s never too late to make a warranty claim, and you might get quite a bit back (read further down).

I didn’t find the “Dairy” cover, though they did have a number of titanium covers on display at Pool Express’ website.

If it were me, I would have been on to them at the six month stage, and based on the deterioration, I think that you should have been making written warranty claims at the 2 year mark.

Among Pool Express’ FAQs, they have the following information:
"What is a “pro rata” warranty and how does that work?

A “pro rata” warranty starts off at 100% coverage, but then declines over time. For example, if your cover fails in the first year, we will provide a replacement at zero expense to you.

If you have a 10 year warranty cover and it fails after 5 years, we will replace the cover at half the cost – we cover the other 50%."

It is time to make a warranty claim! Do it in writing. According to the attached graph at four years out, you should get 60% of your expenses reimbursed.

Firstly, have a look at the ACCC site for information on what constitutes a minor or a major fault.

Then, search the Choice website and you will find how to write a letter of complaint. Ensure your letter is curteous, unemotional, and factual.

Perhaps ring the 1800 number (1800 46 1113) on their contact page and ask who the most senior person is in the organisation and what is their email address. Email your letter of complaint to at person.

Give them say a week (specify the date) to respond before you take further steps, and also tell them that you have contacted Choice about the issue.

Keep us updated on how you progress.