Plain soap bar with concave underside?

I would really appreciate readers’ help to find a brand of soap bar (not liquid soap) that meets two needs. First, I need it to be fairly plain and mild - unscented, or very close to unscented - because I have a lot of skin sensitivities. Second, I need the underside to be concave so that most of the bottom of the soap bar sits clear above the soap dish. Thanks in advance for any recommended brands that meet these two requirements!


You could try Simple Soap. Its as pure as you can get, I think, but I have no idea what its shape is.


Have you considered a soap pad rest? It would widen your purchasing options by not needing a concave base.
A quick internet search brings up multiple choices: some being more environmentally friendly than others… and a wide range of prices!
This one is an example FYI: reasonably cheap, not plastic, and compostable - may be worth a try??

PS. Before I read your post, and went googling - I had no idea soap bar rests/pads were a thing!!


I assume this is to stop the water collecting under the soap bar and making it soft.

If there is such a thing as concave soap I doubt it would do what you want. The water will still collect under it and with use the soap will go from concave to convex.

A better solution is a soap holder or stand that does not hold water and that keeps the soap off the bottom with knobs or bars.


Many years ago we used to buy Country Life Fresh Linen soap. We stopped buying it as it went concave and the overall weight of a bar of soap dropped slightly (but the price didn’t change). It has a mild fragrance (strong fragrances trigger hay fever) and looking online still have a concave shape.

It is worth being aware that concave shaped soaps can be lighter so also use unit pricing if value for money is a purchase decision.

I agree with all the comments above about a good soap holder, as these in themselves can maximise the life of a par of soap, irrespective of the soaps shape.


Thanks syncretic. You are right that the purpose is stop water puddling underneath so the soap doesn’t go soft. The soap bar sits in a very nice soap dish that has drainage holes at the bottom. Unfortunately the shape of my current soap bars means that when the soap is damp it simply blocks or seals the holes. I have used one concave soap bar (brought home from a holiday - I don’t know the brand - it was white) that was perfect, and it held its shape until it was almost completely used. I am hoping to find a similar type of soap.


Thanks phb, I will look at Country Life Fresh Linen.


Hi all,

I really appreciate people are trying to help by suggesting different types of solutions to the problem - thanks for your input and creative thinking.

However, what I am really hoping for is suggestions specifically about brands of soap. I know this type of soap exists, and I know it does what I want - I just don’t know what brand(s) it is, and I was hoping the brains out there might know!

I have good bathroom accessories and would really prefer not to buy different ones.

Thank you again for being an amazing community!


Thanks SueW, I will look at Simple Soap!


Thanks for the suggestion evanstrish3.


I use Dove Sensitive Beauty Cream Bar for my daily beauty routine . :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: It meets all your criteria .In all seriousness it has a concave bottom and because I suffer from eczema is easy on my skin .


Hi vax2000 that’s so helpful! Thank you! I’ll definitely try it. And thanks for making me laugh - beauty might be a bit of a stretch, in my case, but I’ll happily settle for basic hygiene.


Use a green scrubbing pad under the soap to allow the water to drain through and let the bar dry. The pad will need the occasional rinse to get rid of accumulated soap but presents the opportunity to clean the basin using the soap holding pad. You may be able to find white scrubbing pads as well or other colours.


Thanks for this suggestion, grahroll. I will press on in search of the brand of soap that I am hoping to find… there have been some kind recommendations that I am keen to try, & I will report back!


I read of a brand of soap that had a hole in the middle of the bar. The hole serves no purpose for the bar that it is in but provides a place to put the remains of the one before. So when a bar gets down to a little sliver that is hard to handle you squeeze it into the hole of the next bar out of the packet and continue. This way every bar gets used up and none need be thrown away.


A soap bar that starts off with the shape you describe will not continue to maintain that shape as it is used.
Which is why a porous soap rest, as suggested by several people, is a good idea.

Another reason for a porous soap rest is if you share soap with visitors or other residents - as people have a fifty-fifty chance of putting the soap back upside down.

Lots to choose from:

  • White Magic Eco Basics Soap Riser is suitable for use on a hand basin. (some of the photos show a soap bar shaped as you describe)

  • White Magic i-Hook Soap Holder is suitable for use in a shower cubicle

  • iDesign Classic Suction Soap Cradle is an interesting one as it stands the soap on a longitudinal edge


My solution to squiggy soap: My soap sits on the vertical bristles of a brush head, and never goes mushy. From time to time I (gingerly) scrub my skin with the brush head utilising the soap residue.

The brush head gets a bit unsightly with the build-up of the old soap, so periodically I rinse it off and it looks like new.

If you like the idea, all you need worry about is to find the right soap for you.


Balnea Sorbolene Unscented Bar Soap may meet your requirements, available from Woolworths.


Thanks so much, kind person! That’s exactly the sort of suggestion I’m hoping for. I’ll definitely look into this soap.

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Thanks Meltam. Appreciate the suggestion.