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Pet love (General chat)

A very interesting topic of dogs being aware of ones illness… My Belgian shepherd knows when I am unwell, and instead of his usual boisterous behaviour will just lie quietly beside me when I have a migraine… my husband has observed that the dog is also aware of his ailments too… and Skipper is often so much more gentle when he is not feeling the best…
When my husband had a life-threatening lung condition, the dog would lay next to him on the bed, and gently nuzzle his chest. He continued this odd behaviour until my husband saw the Specialist and got treatment for it… it was particularly strange behaviour for the dog, almost as if he knew something was wrong and that my husband needed help and attention…
After seeing the Specialist and getting treatment, the dog would not leave his side until he had fully recovered, yet stopped nuzzling his chest…?
Very strange, and eerily concerning…
My husband is much better now, and the dog has returned to normal behaviour.


A great story regarding a stray dog who is now an instagram star.

And his Instagram photos.


An article regarding some scumbag leaving doggie treats with fish hooks hidden inside them alongside a walking track between Bondi and Coogee.

What an absolute grrub.


Just in case anyone has not yet seen the article regarding a kookaburra held in a cage in a pet shop in the USA for th epast 4 years.

Absolutely disgraceful.


Our puppy loves going to Bunnings where he rides shotgun in the top of the shopping trolley whilst getting attention from many shoppers. He absolutely loves little children.

Last Thursday I told him if he behaved himself, he could go to Bunnings the next day, but on Friday morning when one of the scrub turkeys flew over our back gate and came up to our back door for a slice of multigrain bread, he stood up scratching at the glass door and barking incessantly at the turkey.

I said ‘No Bunnings” and he stopped barking, and when I said it a second time, he lay down and behaved himself.

Amazing just what they understand when it suits them to do so.


Owners offered $20,000 reward for return of their stolen Spoodle puppy.

Now that is what you call “puppy love”.

An interesting article regarding dogs coats having fewer germe than mens’ beards.

An interesting article regarding Bob The Railway Dog and his exploits.

Cool cat drives 3 hot dogs around in a toy car.


An article which lists 11 signs that claim to show your dog is in pain.

An interesting article regarding helping children avoid being bitten by dogs.

I just received a petition from regarding stopping the annual Yulin Dog Festival in China.

It involves butchering, boiling or cooking dogs alive and is the most disgusting and disturbing thing that I hav ever seen.

Oner 439,000 persons have already signed the petition, so for those who love animals and/or hate cruelty, your suppory will help.


The neighbours all think I am mad, because I go out and call my cat to come home. But the thing is, he responds. If he’s close by he comes running down the street miaowing all the way, and if he’s far away (he doesnt go very far) he’s always home within 30 minutes. He gets treats and brushed when he comes inside, so I suppose theres that. Who says cats can’t be trained.



This is my cat, obtained from Cats in Crisis in Adelaide

Her name is Angel and she is waving to you! (use your imagination) and recommending that if you are in the market for a new feline friend, Cats in Crisis is the place to go.

This caring group of folk never euthanise any cat, even if it is in need of major Veterinary attention. They foster the cats and kittens out between the members, and then try to place the cats in caring and loving forever-homes.
Adult and older cats are more difficult for them to place, which is why I chose Angel to come and live with me. She had previously had a very hard life, having all of her luxurious fur cut off and her left ear burned… :frowning: but now she is safe and living in my humble home as an indoor-cat with lots to eat, another cat to watch and a dog to play with.
Please, if you have room for a faithful friend, help a cat find a safe home - go to Cats in Crisis and take a look at all of the beautiful healthy cats and kittens, and get a new friend, vaccinated, desexed, microchipped and Vet checked for the tiny price of $80.

It will be the best move you could ever make in helping out the burgeoning cat population…


My Toby came from the Rutherford RSPCA.

Always convinced theres a monster just inside the front door…

Look both ways…


An interesting article regarding dogs’ eyes.

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Some cats learn, too. toby has no clue but my last kitty, Tom… ohmy… I always could see when he wasnt feeling well, or if he was feeling sad, or if he was simply tolerating me.


Poor sad Tom… I thought he would cry!

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Tom, tolerating me.


Toby will simply not pose. Flat cat ignores the human.



An article regarding research into the cause of thyroid problems in cats which may also apply to humans.


The RSPCA is offering Sydney dog owners free and reduced priced leptospirosis vaccinations at their Sydney Veterinary Hospital until the end of August following several cases of dogs dying recently.

An article regarding the sad reality of demantia in dogs.


A warning for Canberra dog owners regarding a parvovirus outbreak.

And another article regarding a person contracting a extremely serious infection from their pet dog.

And an article regarding anxiety in dogs.

I was particularly interested in this section.

“Hanging their tail between their legs or wagging their tail to the left (wagging to the right is usually a sign of positive emotions).”

Our little dog always carries his tail in an arch at right angles to the right hand side of his body when he is walking so I assume he must be very happy.

An article warning dog owners about suspected dog poisoning in a Brisbane off-leash park area.

A slideshow regarding cat behaviours.

An article regarding claims of hidden helth benefits of owning a dog.


An article regarding the outcome of the illegal killing of a Kookaburra in WA.

And the distribution of the Laughing Kookaburra in Australia including WA.

His lawyer claimed “The kookaburra is an invasive species in WA. Until recently you could shoot them with impunity and people used to do that and get a community service award for doing that sort of thing.”

Irrespective of them being introduced to WA, they are protected the same as the original fauna species in WA.

Never let the truth get in the way.

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PSA on some misinformation I’ve seen recirculating on Facebook. Yes rapidly cooling a heat stressed dog can cause shock. No giving them an ice cube or frozen treat is not dangerous


Council stupidity regarding dogs and other matters.


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An article regarding a man in Germany who died after being licked by his dog.

It follows 2 cases in the US where owners had limbs amputated.

I ensure that I wash my hands whenever I have been handling our little dog…

Better safe than sorry.