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Pet love (General chat)


Knowing how important pets are to Australians (we are one of the highest pet owning people per capita in the world), CHOICE naturally wanted to play a role in safer pet food. We also run important threads on pet food and many pet-related articles on our website.

While it’s not always a black and white consumer issue, we know people love talking about their pets. Therefore we decided to open this general thread where you can talk all things pets, including products, stories about your pets and so on. We aim to better understand how people feel about their pets, but it’s also meant to be a bit of fun so we hope you enjoy it like a pup let off the leash :slight_smile: :dog: :cat:


A good news story, especially for financially struggling pet owners.

What do you feed your cat or dog?

An interesting article regarding making dog ownership more affordable.


Pet food made from insects.

We will stick with the more conventional offerings.


An amazing video clip of a dog doing the seemingly impossible.



An interesting slideshow regarding looking caring for pet dogs.


An article regarding a French Bulldog being stolen in Qld and held for ransom.

What sort of a grub would steal someones pet, let alone demand a ransom?



This is one of the reasons it’s always important to have your pet microchipped. Unfortunately because of how much puppies can sell for it’s not uncommon for them to be stolen. A microchip means they can be tracked back to you.

Ransoming a pet though? That’s a new low…


An amusing video clip of a puppy which looks identical to ours and is obviously just as loopy.

(Now we know what he gets up to whislt we are asleep or out.)



Ransoming family members is fairly low - unsure how you could go lower … oh, I guess there are people who love their pets more than they love some family members (maybe sometimes for good reason?) … better leave it there … :joy::rofl::joy::rofl:


draughtrider I had to laugh when I read your post… I mean really…!!

I know lots and lots of people who prefer their pets to the family…

Makes complete sense to me - I mean

Pets wag their tails, not their tongues - and that is just for a start…! :wink:


It is amazing just how dogs can choose to ignore commands they should respond to but selectively understand things said to them or to other persons.

The other day our puppy was barking incessantly due to the builders next door making noises until my wife became fed up and put him in our bedroom where I was lying down resting my aching back.

He continued with his high pitched, ear splitting barking until I said “OK. So you don’t want a chicken neck today” to which he made a strange sound.

I then said “Right. No chicken neck”. He immediately shut up, laid down and went to sleep and did not stir until I got up.


Our previous dog, a Miniature Poodle, would come running if anyone said “Who wants this” in regard to any leftovers.

What little schemers.



Hilarious video clip of a dog in Bangkok.


What are people’s thoughts on Woolworths ‘PetRescue’?

I’ve seen it pointed out that they take huge amounts of donations from the public, despite not actually rescuing any animals. Where does the money go? Paying employees? Advertising themselves (and therefore Woolworths)? A bunch of unnamed charities?

Like I acknowledge it takes money and resources to manage their site, but it all seems a bit dodgy that they infer donations go to rescues when it’s not clear WHERE they go.


There used to be a cat rescue place at Weston (NSW) which received donations of food and dollars via Woolworths. Don’t know of others though.


Good question @tpeter267, I’m do some research into the program. If anyone has any additional knowledge, post it here (we may start a new thread if needed).


A slideshow of some incredibily large dogs.

Imagine the cost of their food and the cleanup.


The main cost is actually end of life treatments. Large dogs are especially prone to conditions like arthritis and spinal degradation, especially if they’ve not been fed a food with proper support throughout their life. These conditions cost thousands to treat and most owners simply don’t prepare for these costs and opt instead to have the animal euthanised.


And you thought that your dog or cat was cute?

Try beating this one.



Does your dog know when you are sick?