'Pain Relief Australia Online' product refund policy

Thank you phb - excellent advice.


I can recommend the cushions made for that purpose, available from Shiploads / Reject (can’t remember which). I bought mine a few years ago so it’s a bit squashed but still helps. Saw some in stock a few months ago. Good luck!

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Hi Mudpuppy,

Thank you, Is Shiploads a store in TAS?

Yes. It is similar to The Reject Shop, Dollar Dazzlers etc.

Yes, sorry I hadn’t thought of it being a Tas only chain.

Bought a dodgy whitegoods paint product 2 or more years ago. After getting angry with the result, it occurred to me to go online for reviews, which I should have done first. Upshot was I found Product Review, which states, “ProductReview.com.au is a community of consumers helping each other make better purchasing decisions”, where I found a number of very irate customer reviews of this product. I now check reviews first before I buy, keeping fingers crossed at the time that it is not a new product that has no reviews as yet.

Without reference to ‘this product’ when considering any online review there is an older closed topic

and its follow-on

both worth perusing. A constant is that unhappy consumers are far more likely to post negative reviews as compared to happy ones posting, and sometimes those who appear to be happy are less than genuine and sometimes just happy. Being able to discern the differences in what and how people post is important.

Thank you Helen.
Checking Product Review was the first thing that I did before buying the cushion. Alas, there were no reviews of the Cushion or the company that sells them. But there is now- mine!