Oven repair guy broke my oven door and has not returned it - what can I do?

I used a service provider called Do-All Applicances to repair my oven and my dryer. They repaired the dryer, but while attempting to install new hinges on the oven door, the guy broke the glass. He took the oven door away, promising to put in new glass and return it. 2 weeks later he showed up with a different, second-hand door — that didn’t fit! I am still waiting for them to put new glass in my door and return it so I can use my oven, a month later. I am not quite sure how to get this moving. Who do I complain to? Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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Depending, it is possible he cannot find a new window part and is still trying. I needed a control board for a 12 years old Asko washer and none existed - not at Asko or parts houses; Asko suggested I try used appliance dealers. Outcome was I bought an LG. Anyway, read the Australian Consumer Law, section on services, and start going through the formal process. You will need to have “evidence” to back a Letter of Demand, as specified in the ACL. It can work. Just keep copious notes and records and logs of every communication and conversation.

I too have had a bad experience with Do All Appliances:

I had them replace a pump in a washing machine. The repair came with a three-month warranty. I was billed for a new replacement part.

Later I booked them to repair a dishwasher and their response at the time was an apology advising they could not help me as they could not source parts for my washing machine.

I explained my washing machine was not the problem but my dishwasher needed repair and went on to engage them to do that.

Then with a week to go on the warranty my washing machine began to leak - and the fun began…

First I discovered I could not easily drain the water (without flooding my laundry) from this front loader as the hoses facilitating this process had been put back incorrectly and were not accessible.

The repair man (owner of the business this time) determined the problem was the replaced pump and as he was looking at the part with a puzzled expression asked me how old the part was (?)! I advised it was the part I had been billed for as new provided by his company not three months earlier.

I then remembered the comment given when I booked my dishwasher in and relayed the story asking if a given this remark a new part had in fact been used. He insisted it would have been a new part - just not one specifically for my machine.

I went on-line while he was there - readily sourced the part, availability (emailed the supplier), and got cost and time frame with no effort. I told him I would forward the information to his office and expected him to repair the machine using the right part.

It never happened - he constantly failed to show up when he said he would. I spoke with consumer affairs who in turn spoke with him. They have no bite and in the end advised I had the option to take him to VCAT.

I have not done so - it is a hassle I should not have to resort to. I bought a new machine.

Good luck.