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I’m almost nobody, Windows phones are great, except no longer supported. When my 4+ years old Windows Phone battery went dead, I had to reluctantly change to Android. I don’t understand Microsoft abandoning the Windows phone.

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One just need check the comparative sales figures and Microsoft’s (lack of) success in recruiting app developers. It becomes an easy decision to exit the business.


You are probably right. However, I wonder how one of the biggest corporations in the world allowed that situation to develop. They even developed a way for Windows phone devotees to make an Android phone work like a Windows one. I would have taken that up, if I thought I could have done it with my lack of technical expertise.

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To be blunt most of these problems seem to be the users lack of understanding of how both her old and new phones work, where the contacts are stored, and basic file transfer. YouTube is full of solutions you just have to invest the time. I don’t see how this is Oppos or Woolworth’s problem. It’s like buying a car without any idea on how to drive them blaming the dealer and car manufacturer that you can’t drive to the shops.

In today’s world everyone needs to be an accomplished techie, but everyone is not an accomplished techie. Therein lies a problem and many have to rely on sales people.

It is when you focus on the statement:

but reality is the Oppo is ‘very similar’ but that constitutes a look and feel, but not in operation or compatible functions. A non-techie would rarely know to ask the real questions about what ‘very similar’ means in practice.[quote=“scotty350, post:24, topic:14674”]
YouTube is full of solutions

google and youtube are the number one go to resources for support staff these days. While some explanations are fairly simple and straight forward, others are quite complex and can be overwhelming. It is a sad day when anyone is expected or required to do all the grunt work to understand what the salesman apparently oversold.


I disagree with some of these responses you do not need to be an accomplished techie you just need to understand the basics and put some time and effort into it. And really every phone these days looks very similar! Expecting a sales person in Woolworths to give you technical advice is really out there. Whilst many people do not like the big telcos Optus and Telstra have shops with people in there that do this stuff all day everyday. You’ll pay extra but if you need the help they are the answer unless you have access to teenagers :slight_smile:

I liken that to the old adage, ‘we spent a lot of time writing the code, it is up to you to spend time figuring out how to use it.’

That could be the case for those with some nous, but for others? They trust salespeople.[quote=“scotty350, post:26, topic:14674”]
Optus and Telstra have shops with people in there that do this stuff all day everyday. You’ll pay extra

Yes you will, but everyone cannot afford ‘extra’ and trust people who pretend to be sales people.

Some decades ago I was the arrogant technical wiz who went about my daily tasks with a pointy hat and wore a black cape. I matured between then and now having learnt how different people can struggle in trying to live with technology. :wink:

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WOW Gentlemen! scotty350, and the BBG thanks for assuming I did not “understand the basics” and “asking a sales person technical advice…”
Do you not return to the purchase point to say product not as explained in first instance? I did try other sources for information - however I DO HAVE some “nous” I hold sales people accountable - if I am told “this is a good phone etc and will do what I require…” then I expect it will - Without needing to “put some effort into it” beyond the product being user friendly. I think that is a reasonable assumption.
Some tech heads pride themselves in purchasing complicated products to admire the intricacies and for the challenge of working out all the complications. Other people with other priorities want products that do as they claim to, work easily and without surprising defects.
I wonder why so many Apple products are so popular?

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I apologize if I unintentionally offended, but based on your OP it appeared you did not understand the difference between Android and IOS regarding migration, and possibly operational features (eg the how to).

I intended my dialogue to move on from your post to a more general comment on the wide capabilities of all technology users, circa 2017, but apparently did not do that well.

I intended to reinforce that is a reasonable expectation. But on the other hand if you had the ‘nous’ wouldn’t you have known the salesperson was not totally atop what you wanted?

s/mea culpa

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Ultimately Woolworths as the retailer of the phone needs to provide good customer service, including giving correct information at the time of sale. If the salesperson has made misrepresentations, then under the Australian Consumer Law you can seek remedy.

If Woolworths is going to sell a product of any type, they should train their staff and service their customers accordingly. Of course, in reality, things are probably a little bit different…


That gets more interesting the more you think about it …

Woolies, and Coles, sell a vast range of things. Strictly speaking they should have people in-store who between them know the specifications and appropriate use of each product they sell - but where does that stop? I’d reasonably expect that “Jill” or “Jack” in the dairy section could advise me that if my recipe required unthickened full cream which kind of cream to buy, but when I’ve purchased it I’d probably not expect them to know how and with which other ingredients I would go about transforming the cream/etc into a Schwarzwälder Kirschtorte (which still might be easier than getting a Mac to sync to any non-Apple product :wink: ). There are all sorts of products in the medicine section where of course they would just say “as directed on the box” but have no real knowledge of the product other than that. Same for beauty items.

I made a comment earlier about never dreaming to get meaningful tech support from Woolies - but it’s hard to know what is really reasonable.

I do remember going to the service counter at my local store some time back over a scanning error - they told me it was handled correctly by the checkout person, but when I disputed their version of the truth it took a number of people and who knows how many minutes and they still could not show me or describe to me how the Woolies scanning code of conduct worked (they apparently had it documented in a manual they couldn’t find - I found it online but that wasn’t good enough) … another time recently when I asked the guy at the deli counter whether it was standard procedure to put raw chicken in the bag with his bare hands and whether it was ok to put the piece he dropped into the gap between the sections into the bag … he said his hands were clean but offered me another bag filled using gloves?

I think the consumer really has to know what is suitable and how to use it if they are going to buy from Woolies or Coles … if they don’t, then go to a (more) specialist store … I’m sure that’s not what the legislation says, but …


The same applies to Kmart, Big W, Target, Myer, DJs and other general merchandise chain stores. Even some general electrical stores such as JB Hifi, Good Guys and Harvey Norman also fall into the same category. Their floor staff know how to sell things and use fhe register, but know very little about the ins and outs of the products they sell. Often information is generalised or uninformed, about the products they sell and they rely on instore signs/labelling for their responses…which one can read themselves.

I have given up asking for spec3advice in such stores as one can’t rely on fhe information given…best to do you own research or visit a specialist store for advice/product information and then shop around for the best place to make the purchase.


Prior to my last iphone I enjoyed a samsung which was easy to sync to imac.

And I am also competent in making a Black Forest Cherry Cake ; ) (my tip: soak the cherries in the Kirsh overnight and drain, then the cream does not become ‘watered down’ use this excess liquid to pour on the cooked cake '.)


I know this is a late reply but thought you might want to look at a program by Wondershare that is supposed to transfer the data between iPhones and Android ones. I personally haven’t used it but it is a free download so you could try it and see if it gets the data over cleanly. Anyway if you would like to read about it the address is https://mobiletrans.wondershare.com/

Not sure if it will help but hope it does.


Thanks Grahroll. Not just the transfer of data that was the problem.

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I understand that but as you mentioned some of the data was missing/mis-matched/corrupted I thought that this may help get a “cleaner” outcome as it has been designed (or seems to have been) for these issues.

As I expressed above it might be worth reading the sites blab and maybe check into any reviews of it to see if it may help.


If you have been approached in Woolworths with the offer of a FREE PHONE please reply here.

Since October 17 when I first wrote about my struggles with OPPO phone and WOOLWORTHS ‘customer service’!
I have tried again and again to end contract and receive a refund for phone that did not perform as described, could not fix as advised and created enormous distress with loss of information. Plus more issues.

Woolworths emailed me after I advised I was contacting the Telecommunication Ombudsman, and for the past four months have again wasted my time with more repeated suggestions of fixing the problem - honestly after the first seven months of trying should any reasonable company expect that anyone should be happy to keep a product that does not function as needed and just spend the rest of the contract trying every possible option?!!!

Their last email really took the cake -

  1. ’ I don’t understand why you are saying this is a free phone ’
    I am hoping that anyone who has been approached by someone in Woolworths offering them “a free phone” can please let me know here so I can pass this on to customer service!

  2. Saying that as I’d been using the phone for seven months it’s a bit late to ask for cancellation - yet they still expect me to keep trying to find ways to make this work!! As if from the first day I had not been returning to the store to resolve issues!!!

  3. Expecting me to send them evidence of every attempt to fix the (many) problems!

So many delaying tactics. As the ombudsman’s office wrote saying they had so many cases to consider it would be a while until I heard a verdict from them. After the last email from woolworths I decided I could not wait any longer for a phone that functioned as I needed it to.
So I resurrected my iphone 4, as newer Samsung has broken camera, purchased a sim card and went to activate it. It seems woolworths / oppo have BLOCKED my phone and prevented transfer to prepaid sim and other phone!


Yes I’m sure in the how ever many pages of contract it states you can do this.

I would like Choice to investigate length and lack of clarity of contracts and reasonableness of contract inclusions. Sadly this appears to be a great way of ensuring rights are negated if want a good / service.
I have not signed up for many apps / downloads online / TV access / facebook as they all demand access to "all your details and all your contacts as well’!!! I seem to be in the minority here.


Hi @Wend, without going into the history or what you have been through, some things in your post do not add up technically. I suspect there is more to your story. Regardless, if you are a Choice member I recommend you contact them for personal assistance using their form located here.

Also, often times it is easier to convey all the salient details in person (eg voice) rather than through posts. If you are not a Choice member the help service might be a good reason to sign up.


Thanks BBG
I wrote about this in detail October 17th here.
I will use the personal assistance form - I now do NOT have any phone service!

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No, I am not a member of Choice magazine. I am only a (free) member of the Choice Community. Cannot afford Choice magazine membership.
As a long term unemployed on around $265 per week income I have to live frugally. Hence the attraction to “free phone”

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