OPPO Woolworths phone - 10

OPPO phone offered by sales people in Woolworths as a special offer for Woolworths customers - FREE PHONE!
I had researched and wanted an iphone 7 plus, was told very similar.

My three main requirements:

  1. Easy to use phone with calendar and note taking
  2. Great camera
  3. Must be able to sync easily with imac

Was assured OPPO could do this, And there was great OPPO And Woolworths customer service for help with anything.
So in March 17, I signed up for a 24 month plan.

Since then I have tried many times - by visiting the store and having the sales person try to resolve problem, by phoning and by emailing, to have issues fixed, and, then after months of frustration, inconvenience and loss, to cancel phone plan, return phone and then be refunded - ‘goods not as described’

OPPO phone:
Firstly. Transfer of contacts: left out everything but name and phone number - so any added information such as ‘Plumber’ or address, or Jamie’s mum did not transfer - Very inconvenient. Also on old phone had many entries such as Tax File Number, Account numbers, Booking confirmation numbers these did not transfer at all.

Secondly. Calendar: I worked and volunteered on various shifts, did classes during school terms. Any change in one entry ie ‘no class - holiday.’ changed EVERY entry past and future! Could not see what hours worked in past or what shifts were scheduled to do in future!

Thirdly. Notes: Salesperson downloaded Note app that was supposed to sync with imac - didn’t. Also did not Save notes : (

Fourthly. Camera: As a painter I take lots of photos for inspiration and reference, needed to be able to upload to imac to see on big screen and have option to print out. Couldn’t. Also soon discovered colours were not correct ie a deep red cherry coloured geranium was pink in the photo.

Fifthly. Settings: Tried to have volume of calls on max as I leave phone in various places at home, sometimes this worked and other times the phone was silenced - without my adjusting anything.

There’s more, but I believe the above is enough to justify my stating : 1.The OPPO phone is a dud. 2. It was ‘not as described’. 3. Did not meet reasonable expectations of a ‘like iphone’ phone. 4. It Caused so much inconvenience, pain and suffering, I am entitled to a full refund if not more.

Despite endless attempts to fix problems since march, and then to try and end this nightmare am still stuck with this contract. NOT HAPPY Woolworths and OPPO.


My partner has an Oppo R9. She loves it and I lust for it. The Oppo ‘ColorOS’ is Android with a layer atop that resembles an iPhone, but it obviously is not an iPhone and does not function like one.

Woolies might have done you over, but do not pass that blame onto Oppo as they are an innocent bystander as I see it. Their product is an Android phone that is intended to be comfortable for iPhone users via the ‘look and feel’. It has not been, to my knowledge, ever portrayed as an iPhone clone.

FWIW my next mobile will probably be an Oppo to replace my aging but still functional Moto G.


Mine is an OPPO R9s does the ‘s’ mean stupid version? Happy to transfer my phone and contract to you.

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The R9s was a newer model than the R9. Some people prefer iPhones, some Androids, and some even old style feature phones. Apparently almost nobody liked Windows phones :wink:

You could try delivering a written ACL style letter of demand to Woolies to take back their phone and cancel your contract. A few forum members have posted that they have received circular help (ie a runaround) so long as they were only verbal, but when they got into written communication done right, they got satisfaction.

In addition to an ACL letter of demand you might complain to the TIO. I suggest in either case you refrain from attacking the phone and focus on its features not being what was sold to you.

I only buy outright unlocked phones and use amaysim ‘as you go postpaid’, that suits me well, thanks.


OPPO mobile phone is a dud. I usually research new technology and check reviews to ensure it will do what I want.
I didn’t - big mistake.

In March I was vulnerable after a farce with ordering and not receiving an iphone, in Woolworths and offered a ‘free phone’. NOT AT ALL FREE!
Was assured the OPPO was very similar to the iphone and would provide the three main features I wanted: easy to use phone on cheap plan, great camera, calendar/notes and be able to synch with imac.
Will provide all details of how the OPPO does NOT function as expected in ‘review’ section.

I returned to the store every second day for the first two weeks to receive help with it’s functioning. Then the sales people were not there when I was (perhaps they saw me first) Despite four attempts of downloading different programs, could not get the OPPO to upload to imac.

I then tried phoning OPPO and Woolworths their ‘customer service’ is an oxymoron.
First they 'could not answer any question without 1. Full name. 2. Full address. 3. Phone number. 4. email address. 5. Date of Birth. Having had my identity stolen I do not give out these details to ask a question. Either speaking to someone in Asia with an electronic voice to make them sound American or with incomprehensible English I never received any useful information or support.

Fed up I just wanted to terminate contract. After many more attempts to find out how ‘hypothetically one could end contract’ without any information. I realised I was totally misled about OPPO phone’s ability to meet my requirements, and the after sales ‘help’ was NOT 'helpful. I believed I was entitled to terminate contract and receive a full refund. Happy to return the dud phone.
There was One Australian person I spoke to who Was helpful and established trust - despite a noisy group of laughing Indian males in the background, I did give her my identifying details. She was Not able to further my request to end the contract.

It’s very difficult to ‘contact’ either OPPO or Woolworths in any other way but by phone. Every attempt to contact via email resulted in request to ‘phone customer service’!
How can I: 1. End contract? 2. Return phone? 3. Receive refund?

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Hi @Wend Woolworths are a licensed on seller for Teslra .Check the post I did in this thread .

Junk E-mails, Telemarketing, Banks!

I was supplied goods by a similar Telstra on seller . I had all monies refunded and the goods were picked up from me at no cost . Will try and find where I filed the relevant phone numbers to help you out . It is worth a shot to try Telstra . You never know . This one thing I always check when I look for phones etc .

" Woolworths Mobile is what we call an MVNO, or a Mobile Virtual Network Operator. The focus here is on the word ‘virtual’, as Woolworths doesn’t operate a physical network, and instead resells the Telstra network through its agreements. "

I think a lot of these MVNO’s have " virtual " customer service as well .i e non existent .


Thanks Vax2000, will try Telstra but have avoided them for a long time.

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I hope Telstra can help you out as one would hope they must bear some of the responsibility for the companies , Woolworths in this instance , that they sign agreements with to on sell their services and network …

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Here is the link to the Choice website that has information on the Australian Consumer Law.

If the information you provided is correct, one could argue that the phone is not of acceptable quality and not fit for purpose. As @PhilT outlines, it may be worth making a complaint to Woolworths under the ACL requesting a remedy. Document all the contact you have had and also what was said when you initially entered the contract for the phone. Such is important to argue that the phone is not acceptable quality or fit for purpose. Also I would be dropping into my local Woolworths (or the one where you signed the phone contract) and let them know the history you have had with the phone and that it is not fit for purpose. If they don’t respond, you can lodge a complaint online at https://www.woolworths.com.au/shop/discover/about-us/contact-us


After reading your other post on this forum, I would also suggest before doing the above, have you tried googling for solutions. I have done a quick Google and there are many websites with tips for synchronising contacts, calendar, data etc between Apple OS and Windows 10, as well as with OPPO Windows 10.

It might be worth doing this as these might provide solutions to your problems…which seem driven by potentially different OS and softwares, rather than the phone or its OS (Windows 10) persay.


For clarity, the ColorOS that OPPO uses on the phone is Android.

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These phones get reasonable reviews online - but like anything there are plenty of fans and plenty of naysayers. I know someone who has one - they are very happy at the pricepoint.

I’d say a couple of things:

  • I’m not really surprised Android doesn’t natively play fully with mac. My partner uses mac and Android and she uses gmail on chrome, as do I - everything syncs fine. Integration to native mac apps probably takes a couple of tweaks.
  • I’d never dream of going to woolworths to get tech support on anything more complicated than ‘bananas by the kilo’ … and even then …
  • free stuff is usually worth every cent.
  • you should be thankful your TFN didn’t transfer, and to a lesser degree your account numbers. Your phone is no place to store these. Your TFN is gold - it’s one of the most important numbers to keep private that you will ever be allocated. You’d be amazed at the doors it can unlock, and you stand to find out if it gets into the wrong hands … to the extent that even for the highest level government security clearances where they probe every part of you and everything you have ever done, they insist you blank out your TFN on document submissions …

I was returning to the store frequently. Then the sales people disappeared. Other store workers ‘not able to help - contact the phone numbers’ Thanks for the links.

Thanks phbriggs2000 I have tried several downloads, problem seems to be in phone retaining the information I want, and perhaps my not being able or wanting to learn a different more complicated system. I expect phones to be ‘user friendly’ and do as confirmed by seller.

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WOW Thanks draughtrider. Did not realise TFN was ‘gold’ and assumed account numbers without other details OK. NB These numbers were not identified for what they were on my phone.
I thought I was security conscience and become v.cross at call centers asking for lots of private information for “privacy purposes”!!! Yes free stuff is worth every cent : )
I Appreciate your advice.


FWIW, as evidenced by my recent posts I am an Android phone user. I added a second phone and number recently, using my same google account. All data and apps that had non-sensitive information updated seamlessly onto the second phone, but those that could have compromised me did not (eg bank apps and others with secure information).

If everything transferred and one’s android related google account is hacked, someone could connect a mobile to it and get all your details and possibly your life, not just some of it.


Only cloud the data you need to cloud. Backups, offline and tested. Good strong passwords. A generous quantity of hope and luck :slight_smile:
People can’t steal what isn’t there …


Thanks TheBBG and draughtrider,
I don’t trust the cloud. Where can I keep numbers I can’t remember? Banks only advise to to keep sent PINs.
I can remember most PINs but not various account numbers and longer numeral sequences.
What other information is sensitive and where does one keep it safe - and accessible?

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Use a app/program such as keepass or LastPass to store the data. You only then need to remember a single Master password/passphrase to get access to the other stored ones. Many of the better ones also help to generate secure and different passwords/phrases for each site you need to login to. Some/many do store the data in the “Cloud” but the data is encrypted by your Master password. If storing sensitive data about other things get an encryption program to encrypt that drive/folder/document…just make sure it is a decent one which may mean doing some research and a little bit of learning. One that is well regarded is VeraCrypt but there are others.

What else is sensitive? Bank details, Medicare No., TFN as discussed above, secret security questions and answers, employee id number/s, personal details and notes about people you keep on your phone/laptop/computer, access codes to premises, & basically anything you would not normally disclose that is “attached to your identity”.