Norwegian Salmon - Potential Health Risks

I saw this documentary on YouTube about Norwegian Salmon.

According to the documentary, they are one of the most toxic fish in the world.

I noticed that most of the packaged Salmon in supermarkets are from Norway.

My knowledge on the fish industry is very low. This is a hour long and please watch it and decide for yourselves.

What are your thoughts on Tasmanian Salmon?


This is the link to the article I previously posted regarding Australian smoked salmon which I personally consider to be the best in the world.

Our local Coles and Supa IGA stock mainly Australian smoked salmon and the only imported product I have noticed is Danish.


The ones in Aldi in pink packaging is from Norway.



I was referring to fresh smoked salmon but you are obviously referring to uncooked salmon.

Regardless, I would prefer the Australian product and would have no hesitation in consuming it.

My son buys fresh salmon portions from Coles and his son will consume 2 portions for dinner. They all love it.

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I actually prefer the taste of trout over salmon these days. Much of the Australian grown (and probably much of the OS grown) salmon is not very environmentally sustainable - large dead zones around many of the Tasmanian salmon farms are evidence of that.

I generally catch the trout from the tank in front of my house, rather than buying from the supermarket though :slight_smile:


Australia has a large fresh seafood industry. There is wild caught and farmed aquaculture product as well as imported. NZ, Vietnam, Africa, Canada and Northern Europe, including processed products.

The Aussie, Oyster, Tuna, Slamon, Prawn and Barra farming industries are significant. There is recent history of notable problems in several of these, mainly due to disease or environmental contamination. Eg Whitespot in SE Qld.

Should we be looking closer to home, for assurance our local products are safe from reported risks.? Risks like those in the doco that started with Norway, but goes beyond salmon.

Knowing the local farmed product is safe is one way to encourage sales. Not asking or checking that the controls in place are effective risks much worse for the industry. All commercial farms are closed sites, although the respective Govt Biosecurity depts must have access. It’s a challenging situation where only industry insiders will know how good the local product really is?

If anyone is able to link suitable government or industry reports on the local industries inspections, auditing or testing it may be useful content to provide reassurance?

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An article regarding Huon Aquaculture winning the Australian Farmer of the year Award.

… eating your pets, how could you? I know I could if they looked that good! My cat? not so much …


More Norwegian Salman; these were in Woolworths.

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