Australian Smoked Salmon

Having eaten smoked salmon from Canada, Scotland, Germany, Norway and Denmark as well as Australia over many years, I firmly believe that the Australian salmon is superior to any imported product.
The UK and European products taste too salty to me and the flavour is not as nice.
A classic case is the Superior Gold product which was a product of Denmark and, if I remember correctly, was then produced in Denmark using Australian salmon.
It is now produced by Tassal in Tasmania using Tasmanian salmon and it is not just vastly superior to the former Danish product but is the best smoked salmon I have ever tasted. It is actually better than Tassal’s own brand product.
I buy the 200 gm packs whenever Coles or our local Supa IGA have it on special.


When we departed Vancouver for LA in 1997, a shop at the airport had long life non-refrigerated sliced smoked salmon in cryovac packs on the counter, some of which were marked down as they were nearing their use-by date.

I bought a few packs which I declared when we arrived in Sydney. The officer told me that they could not be brought into Australia, but had I bought the more expensive gold pack product, it would have been allowable.

She asked me if I would like to try some of it and she cut a pack open for me. The salmon was awful.

I reckon she actually did me a favour in not having to take it home to Cairns.

In my opinion, You cannot beat the Australian product.