Mobile service provider for 10yo

Anyone have thoughts on a cheap SIM-only mobile service for my 10yo boy?
He has an old style Nokia, so won’t need data.

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How old? Note that 2G is gone and 3G will be gone beginning in 2024.

This other topic should be helpful

The Aldi Value Pack at $99 is something to check although can only be purchased in-store when offered 2 or 3 times a year. Some other MVNOs have similar offerings. The unlimited nature of calls and texts is a safety net of sorts and assuming he will need a 4G (eg newer) phone soon there is some data.

The other option is a PAYG per call and text plan that could cost even less in a disciplined use setting.

Others may have additional or different perspectives.


I wouldnt recommend a PAYG because most of them eat your $$ without you doing much at all. I have a $10 p/a with Amaysim, its great as a backup to my usual but because it seems to want to use data even if you have that switched off, I now set it to airplane mode when its not in actual use. My last $10 lasted 3 months, just sitting on a dresser.

If $15/m is not too steep, it comes with 4GB and unlimited calls and texts (Australian). ON Amaysim. They also currently have a $99 for the year ($120 ongoing) which includes 60GB of data). Dodo (not that I would seriously recommend them) have a $10/m unlimited calls etc and 2GB. That used to be the cheap plan for everyone but no longer. Amaysim and Dodo are both Optus resellers/MVNOs

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Going OT to mobile support, but do you disable data for the SIM? Not quite as simple as airplane mode but allows the phone to work as a phone. Some phones have slightly different menus, but


I don’t have that problem. My phone has two settings for data.

Connect to the data network? Almost always turned off.

Connect to WiFi? Almost always turned on.

So all my Internet access goes through WiFi and incurs no data usage charges on the mobile phone network.

The data connection only gets enabled when I cannot connect via WiFi, either mine or another place I may go. And I really need Internet connection for some reason.


What is the proposed use of the phone - emergency calls only say calling you or for you being able to contact your son at any time. Or for your son to make calls when every he wishes to mobiles or landlines…as well as send numerous texts.

If the former, the cheapest SIM prepaid or pay as you go (PAYG) plan with the land coverage you need would most likely suffice. Your son will need to know the your rules associated with its restricted use.

If the later, you need to think about who and how often calls will be made. If they are likely to mount up, a SIM only monthly package with call/text allowances to meet the need.


Thank you Everyone.


Firstly, get into an Aldi shop and purchase an Aldi Mobile SIM starter pack.
It’ll cost you $5- and includes your first $5 credit.

It’s a triple fit Sim, so the first step is to put it into the old phone and see if you get an Aldi mobile signal on the phone.

If you can see an Aldi Mobile signal, then subscribe to the Aldi mobile $15 per 30 days plan will give unlimited calls and texts (plus some data).

Then, when Aldi advertise their 1 year super packs, grab a $99 super pack and install it. That gives you unlimited calls and texts for 12 months plus some data. That works out at only $8.25 per month and their will be no surprise bills and credit will not run out (until 365 days has expired).

It might even be worth checking if your local Aldi shop has some $99 1 year super packs in stock under the counter. They normally sell out very quickly but I have seen some kept under the counter after the sale date has passed.

The $99 Aldi super pack is as far as I am aware the cheapest mobile plan available now and it’s only drawback is limited data provided. Not an issue if data not required.

If data is required, try catch connect at $15 per 30 days and 18GB data per 30 days.

Hope this helps.