Metamucil capsules - have they been tested by Choice?

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Has Choice studied/reviewed “gut health”, “probiotic” and similar supplements?
I ask because for a while, in order to “keep regular”, I used to take METAMUCIL powder, see

and some time ago replaced it with META ALIGN capsules, see

So far, I was happy.

At a recent visit to a chemist, “ALIGN” was not available and I was recommended a “similar one”, by staff, see

Reading the claims and ingredients on the package of the “DAILY GUT HEALTH”, I cannot understand if it’s job is to keep folk “regular” or if it is just another supplement of questionable benefit.

I contacted the manufacturer/marketer (Proctor & Gamble) and received a non specific reply.

Before I bother then again, I am keen to know if Choice staff or readers here have views on these two (capsule) products.

FWIW, today I saw that Coles have just introduced (at my local Coles) a home brand equivalent of the above listed METAMUCIL powered 673 gm

It sells for $26 against the original product which (surprise, surprise) is on sale this week for $30.60 (usually $35.90).

Thanks to all in advance for his/her replies.

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If you want to improve the fibre content of your intake save a lot of money then buy bulk psyllium powder from a heath food store or similar. It is the active ingredient of Metamucil without the added sugar, artificial colour and flavour at about half or one-third of the price.

Psyllium is widely recommended for those with diverticuli in their gut as keeping up the volume of fibre reduces the chance your diverticulosis will become diverticulitis. You will need to experiment a little to get the dose right.


Is there an assumption any need is not due to an undiagnosed medical condition?

How can you be certain the use of Metamucil is necessary, or the most appropriate product?

Personal experience suggests informed medical assessment + internal examination may be advisable to be sure.


@syncretic Good advice. Thank you.
@mark_m Prior to using Metamucil, I was not “regular” in visiting the bathroom. But am now “regular”. I have no doubt that I need supplementing my fibre content. Of course that does not mean - as syncretic indicates- that it needs to be a commercial product.


Magnesium tablets will help if you need help to become “regular” 500mg tabs are available from lots of brands.
Ask the naturopath in a health care store for help with dosage.

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Yes they will but …

In my view increasing your fibre intake is good overall for your gut health as well as dealing with constipation. Start with ensuring your diet has plenty of vegetables and add bulk with bran, psyllium etc as required. If constipation persists see your doctor

Fibre is not likely to have any side effects, or serious problems in excess dose, which may happen with magnesium, so fibre is preferred in my view. If in doubt ask your doctor.


In answer to your question @Jon01, we had a look at some of these supplements from the point of view of reducing blood cholesterol. However, I understand you are probably after more comparative testing, and I will pass on this request on to our testers.

Many thanks.

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