Metamucil Fibre Supplements

I bought a bottle of Metamucil 50+ Daily Fibre Supplement to Stay Regular in a convenient 120 capsule bottle. How convenient! That is until you read the recommended dose…which is 18 capsules a day…6 capsules three times a day. One bottle would barely last a week…and at more than $15 a bottle that’s a lot money to pay to take a shit!! The powdered stuff is over $20 a bottle but at least it lasts over a month. I can imagine how many people have been suckered in by this “convenient” new “breakthrough”.


The fibre in Metamucil is psyllium husks. The makers add colour, flavour and sugar.

If you want to take psyllium buy it in bulk at health food stores for a small fraction of the price and do without the additives which you don’t need. The amount you need is individual and also depends on the other fibre in your diet. You will needs to experiment to find what works for you.

Psyllium husks are an excellent source of fibre. As well as softening your stools it is an aid to diverticular disease which is quite prevalent in our society. Many people have diverticuli in their bowel leading to diverticulosis from middle age onwards. If it turns into diverticulitis you will wish you had looked after yourself better.

Increasing the fruit and veges and other sources of fibre (oats, wholemeal bread etc) is the best idea and taking psyllium is a useful supplement rather than a substitute for those foods.


My GP advised me to take them some years ago, but he said to take 2 daily, which is what I do.

I buy the 300 capsule bottles from Chemist Warehouse so a bottle lasts me for around 5 months.for just over $40.

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Or you could do as I do, and buy Benefiber which is the same stuff and you can stick it in anything, hot or cold. I have it in water. You cant taste it, and it works as its supposed to (from one who has been chronically constipated since childhood but no more)


That is what they obviously need to give those female tennis players before they let them play.

That continual grunting every time they hit the ball is extremely annoying.

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Being a bit sexist Fred, havent you heard the men doing the same thing?


The 18 tablets contain 7 grams of soluble fibre from Psyllium Husk.

It will be cheaper to buy Psyllium husk at you local health/wholefood store and either, once a day, make a milkshake with 21 grams in it or sprinkle around 21 grams on your morning cereal to have the same amount of soluble fibre as the daily intake from the tablets. If you add/eat it with milk, this will provide the calcium which is also added to the tablets…and nutritionally may be a lot better.

A cheaper alternative to get insoluble fibre is wheat bran or oat bran/fibre…or one of the high fibre cereals. Oat fibre has the added benefit that it can reduce cholesterol at the same time.


Not really. They must be an exception unless they didn’t take their Metamucil.


That’s about $280 per kg if my sums are right. If you buy little packets of psyllium at the supermarket it will cost about $25 per kg, if you buy in bulk at the heath food less than $20.


No that is dextrin.

Ouch…very expensive way to buy fibre. Clever marketing to maximise returns…

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Is it? Well it does the same job and is easy to take unlike those thickening preps