MAY FOOD CHAMPION'S CHALLENGE - Favourite take - out meal

With social distancing closing restaurants many have introduced home delivery and take out .

For this months challenge please post the meal that you would order from a restaurant for home delivery . Also the name of any establishments you have dealt with would also be appreciated but not necessary .

A Food Champion’s Badge will be awarded early June for the best posts

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For some time I have only used home delivery restaurants for which I can use paypal or apple pay… and that is self limiting to restaurants in this area which deal with Menulog, or Dominos which I have quite frequently, and should never have at all.

Top Thai in Wallsend do a very nice Satay Chicken (skewered)… so do Yumm Thai (also Wallsend). The local chinese restaurant only deals in cash, sadly, so I’ve had nothing from them since this whole thing started, because I wont use cash, anywhere. They do a wonderful Chicken Satay and S&S Pork. That is likely to be my first takeaway port of call when I feel confident enough to be “out there”.


All academic to me. Nobody delivers and by the time you get home take-away is cold. If I can’t face cooking it comes out of the freezer.


Mine is sushi. While it can be made, to make it great with a range of fillings is very difficult. In Brisbane, we used to get it from a range of restaurants depending where we were at the time. In Tassie, unfortunately the nearest restaurant serving sushi is 50km away.

Fortunately, unlike the problems @syncretic has, sushi doesn’t need to be kept warm and can be carted long distances in a chilled esky.


Since when did takeaway meals become known as “take-out” meals in Australia?


It’s - Certainly a challenge.

Most meals we like best we’ve learnt to cook at home. We are yet to master the pizza, but have some bricks to build a wood fired oven.

What we miss. A great wood fired pizza and perfect sashimi. :roll_eyes: Not! In the same meal!

Pizza, the last good home delivered that appealed came from Crust at Jesmond in Newcastle. Not the only Crust - it’s a chain. Not much chance of a trip back to Shortland from Qld at present though.

Reality, it all tastes that much better when you are away, even if it’s not. :wink:

I bet you’re quietly chuckling at this taste torture test @vax2000. All I can now think of is the best pizza we have had. Was it Greve in Chianti or on the edge of Rome near Ciampino. Eat in, eat in, eat in, … Ahhhhhh!


Whe someone decided we weren’t Americanised enough yet.

Pass the ketchup.


@beings_nobody, this month challenge is about life under stage three restrictions which only allows 4 reasons to leave your home and dining out is not one of them😉
The question asked is: do you have any meals delivered by a food establishment, ( maybe some fine restaurant which has had to turn to home delivery to keep staff employed)
and if you do, which meals do you prefer.

Your input in the topic would be very much appreciated :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:


Good to know, they are also on Menulog. Might give them a try on the weekend, gotta be better than Dominos


This illustrates a good principle. If you are going to inhibit bacterial growth in food keeping the food out of the temperature danger zone (roughly 5 to 60 C) is important. Keeping food warm for any length of time is a very bad idea, it needs to be either hot (when it tends to overcook or dry out) or cold.

When carrying food It is much easier to keep food cold with ice bricks etc than keep it hot enough to be safe. So buying take-away that is intended to be eaten cold makes transporting some distance easier than if it is intended to be eaten hot.


Why are we using the term ’ take out '?

I know we’re close, but we’re not the 51st state of the U.S. just yet …

Puhleese - it’s take away!


UGH, turned out that they were far too expensive once you added in the $7.50 delivery. Went for dominos instead and got sick for the whole weekend. I never learn.


My favourite meals are from Merivale at Home. We decided to try this idea as Mr Wong is one of our favourite restaurants - though a touch expensive. The eat at home are set menu packs, ordered by Monday night and delivered on Thursday. The menu is set and dishes require a small amount of preparation eg heating sauces and chopping herbs. They are amazing. We have chosen their packs from Mr Wong’s and Tutti’s. An example is our first meal from Mr Wong - king prawn wontons, special fried rice, king pan chicken, steamed barramundi with ginger & shallots, steamed greens and chocolate mouse. Dinner for two for approximately $100. We’ve found the quality a class above our local take-away and doing the final prep and cooking at home means that its fresh when you’re ready to eat. The whole process has worked seamlessly. All the flavour and quality of the top class restaurant eaten in your own home. I have no commercial interest in the Merivale Group, indeed no commercial interest in any company whatsoever. Just excited to share an unexpected joy during self-isolation.

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