Mattress Madness

It’s mattress madness at CHOICE right now as we decide the best way to compare mattresses to get the best value for your money.

We asked you what we should test about mattresses and the response was insightful and helpful. We also appreciated all the comments so far on the trials and tribulations of buying a mattress. Now, we need to know what the most the most-important overall elements are when you are thinking about choosing a mattress. We can’t test everything (budget), but we want to cover what is most important to you.

Choose only your top three considerations from the choices below to help us set our scoring methodology.

  • The mattress sleeping area firmness
  • The mattress edge firmness
  • The stability of the mattress when other people move around on the bed
  • Spine alignment when sleeping on your side
  • Spine alignment when sleeping on your back
  • The heat distribution of the mattress (could make you hot or uncomfortable)

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