My Triplite suitcase is a couple of decades old. It’s been to Africa and America once, Europe a few times and numerous domestic trips. Recently it got run over by our camper-trailer. It still works fine, just a bit wonky. Going to Europe next year and would like something more presentable.
I checked out the Choice 2022 luggage review. There were only two check-in bags reviewed but only one recommended. Very disappointed.


Depending on how you plan to travel, we like our wheeled duffle bag type luggage. We travel with backpacks and also the wheeled duffle bag (dragged around with a free hand) for our child. We find them good and travel well. We got ours as a end of product line at Target very cheap about 5 years ago and it has been across Europe on a train, used domestically and to Chile.


I was in the long haul aviation business for 46 years so I learned a bit about suitcases etc.
What I discovered was that for me a wheeled duffel bag was ideal. Most brands allow you to shrink or expand the girth quite a bit so your kit for a 7 day trip could be packed and secured properly and so could 14 days of kit. My crews and I also discovered that our soft duffel bags tended to be less likely to be damaged by cargo handlers. A bit of a downer is the number of zips needing a TSA padlock.


So, that’s two strong recommendations for wheeled duffel bags as against anything else. Sounds good to me. How do we get Choice to do a review on them?


Hi @BobT, sorry that the luggage review didn’t contain a comprehensive look at the larger luggage type you are interested in. I’ll pass on your request to our product testing team for future consideration