June 2022 Food Challenge Champion: Favourite Ice Cream Flavour (and Brand)

Aldi had ginger ice-cream for a few months then no more. Despair! It was perfect for gingerholics. I have not found ginger ice-cream anywhere since.


Pistachio is my very favourite ice cream, in fact it’s my favourite flavour in anything sweet. Hard to find in Australia. In just about most brands overseas. Are you listening Nestlé?
In France Pistachio custard, ice cream, biscuits. Bring back international travel for me


Welcome to the forum @denys12 and thanks for your input .


If you believe that there is enough wheat in the product to cause you harm by all means don’t eat it. I will help you make your own to be sure of not getting any wheat if you like.

However neither the tub panel nor the Connoisseur’s website say it contains wheat. They say “May contain traces of Wheat, Peanut and Tree Nuts.” How much wheat it contains and how often we do not know. This seems a common warning - just in case - as very few ice cream formulations call for adding wheat.

If you are going to exclude products on the basis of such warnings you will be excluding a lot. But you may be doing so even if many do not actually contain any wheat in any given batch.

I still don’t think you can say almost all commercial ice cream contains wheat. I haven’t checked every one on the market but a quick survey of what Woollies sell how some contain such a warning and others don’t. For example Peters and Bulla don’t. If you trust their label there do seem to be products you could buy.

The inconsistency of these labels between brands make me wonder how some can be sure they don’t accidentally include wheat and others not. Perhaps if the factory only makes milk products and none of the recipes include wheat you can be sure enough.

Yes, I am excluding a lot, but even the smallest amount of wheat gives me violent diarrhoea and leaves me off colour for days, so it is not worth the risk! I am quite capable of and have often made my own ice cream especially when I had young children, but these days it is a treat I have occasionally so it is simpler to buy readymade. As I stated above, do buy Peters and Bulla frozen vanilla choc bars are fine too, but not the multi flavoured ones.


Confession time!
Family visited from Newcastle (we are in Hobart).

We shopped for late-evening dessert and chose Sara Lee Apple Crumble Pie.
Naturally I expected she-who-must-be-obeyed to simply toss Streets Blue Ribbon Vanilla icecream into the trolley, but nooh! It had to be Streets Choc Mint - not my choice at all.
I mean - who puts mint in icecream, for goodness sake?!
Turns out our guests returned to mainland without us having that dessert.

Am a night owl (2am sleeper) - always looking for snacks. Well, that icecream was all I could find. After 4 nights there was none left.
Guess who came looking for some the next day? The scolding I received was worth it though,. But to compensate, I added icecream to the shopping list (hoping this time to grab the Bulla Cramy Vanilla and Boysenberry - MY fav.

Came time to go shopping, and some big black lines have been ruled through “icecream.”
Now what brought that on?
Didn’t ask!


Our favourite is Peters Original chocopolitan — not available in Coles or Woolworths, but our local Drakes stocks it. We love it!


sydneydowers there’s a website called Gluten-free Palate that has a very easy ice-cream recipe - no machine needed. I made it for a friend and it was yum!


Completely boring here. I like Coles Vanilla with milo and cream (dollop style, not the runny crap they call “thickened”), Or Weiss Mango bars. But I don’t eat ice cream often because it with the additions plays havoc with my BGLs.


Thanks, I‘ll check it out, but, as I mentioned before, I’ve made lots of ice cream in the past especially when my kids were young, but these days it’s an occasional treat and I find it easier to just order a small amount in my online shopping when I feel like it or it’s a special occasion :blush:


Makes me so sad to see how many times Coles is mentioned. I can’t forget what they have done to the dairy industry, devaluing the work done by dairy farming families. Shopping at Coles, and Woolworths, is something I won’t do. And I am very careful about spending. You can find good if not better prices elsewhere. Why are people so hoodwinked by all the advertising? (Oh, ice cream, tends to be Bulla full cream, Australian company.)

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I guess you live in a city with lots of options… we have ONLY Wooldworths, Coles, IGA, Drake and one Aldi in this Central Qld. town. So, we shop where we can…

One of the realities for those who follow the Choice Community.

The impact of limited choice, the tyranny of distance and higher costs for many daily needs is a lived experience. One needs to have lived in a smaller town or less populated parts to be able to relate how it is. Our experience was there are also benefits in living away from a heavily urbanised environment.

70% of Australians live in the major capital cities or nearby. Of the other 30% many are concentrated in major regional cities, EG Bathurst, Geelong, Cairns etc.

For only some, to have not even a Coles or Woolies might be the norm. A recollection is the largest local Central QLD town we knew had only 2 of the 5 better known chains, at least when we lived not far away, (1.5 hrs drive distant).

ONLY a choice of five markets including all the major ones, oh my, fancy being forced to deal with that. I bet none of them have confit pheasant or Grange '90, aorta doosumfin!

Back to small towns. I know of one of about five thousand people that serves a wider district of a similar number that until recently had only two supermarkets from the same minor chain that were both owned by the same family.

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For those looking for that special ice cream treat the larger towns in Central QLD have at least one of the larger stores (Woolies or Coles). EG Emerald, Biloela, Moranbah have both. Note though the product/brand choices may be fewer than the same stores in the Capitals.

There’s more choice in the cities of Gladstone, Rockhampton, or Mackay to the north. A long way to go for ice cream, but perhaps worthwhile with the Engel in deep freeze mode. We were more likely to load up with fresh seafood, toilet paper and disposable nappies in bulk packs. :wink:

The list of the 5 well known supermarket businesses does seem a little generous from experience. There is only one Drakes in central Qld. It’s in Biloela. There is an Aldi in Gladstone, but that is as far north as they go. Perhaps my memory is a little tired. There’s a few IGA and SPAR supermarkets scattered around.

Harris Farm perhaps for the pheasant? None up that way. Perhaps like seafood best purchased close to source. Fortunately there is a Dan’s at Allenstown in Rocky and one in Mackay. Convenient perhaps on the way through for those looking for more than a 6pack traveller, (passengers only).

“there is only one Drakes in Central Qld. …” That is incorrect! There is a good one in North Rockhampton, I often shop there because they have goods not sold elsewhere! It used to be just an IGA, several years ago it became Drake’s Iga.


Apologies, and thank you for the reminder.
We’d never thought of Rockhampton as a small country town. It’s 3 years since our last stay, mostly for business to tidy up some items with our accountant.

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