Jeans : Humble beginnings became a fashion statement .What's your favourite brand?

When Levi Strauss met Jacob Davis in 1853 he partnered with him to use Davis’s riveting technique to produce work pants out of cotton drill . In 1873 they patented their idea and the Levi Strauss Clothing Company was born and the rest is history .

I was a child of the '50’s and remember armed U.S merchantmen docking at Williamstown Dock Yards and the sailors wearing jeans and white tee shirts .

In the '60’s and 70’s the humble jean had become a fashion statement with brands like Jag being much sort after . I went through the Levi and Lee rider stage but as I got older I could not justify the price they were selling for .

Now I buy the Harris Scarfe home brand Bulls Head in size 82 R for $29.00 or cheaper when on special . They fit well , are comfortable and wear well .



The history is interesting …

Denim - Wikipedia


I choose from a medium price range in the colour and style which looks good on me, but don’t really look for a fashion label.
An expensive price tag could mean a longer lasting fabric and a better fit and should be in a classic style which will remain good for a number of years. It could also mean ethically and sustainably produced jeans. Production of jeans uses an enormous amount of water, and dyes and chemicals are great polluters of water ways.

Currently, I’m wearing Jeggings, a closer fitting version of jeans, the stretch fabric means you can get a good fit even when your weight fluctuates. Can be casual if worn with a big top and flats or sneakers,
or dressed up with a tunic-style pretty top and pumps.

I do have a pair of dark-blue bootcut jeans for my medium heeled boots for the cold and wet weather. Got the jeans from KMart, about 20 dollars if I remember rightly.


You’d think they’d charge less for the smaller sizes. :rofl:

I tend to purchase based on fit and not brand. I avoid any of the flatter tummy styles. As low a cut as I can find suits. I’m not sure it’s an on fashion trend or all that alluring. Age excuses many things.

I’ve a pair of Jeans West ‘skinny’ 34” that work for me. Now 5 years old. Nothing like ‘made in China’ for quality. A second pair with the same 34” label but regular cut are just a tad too tight at times. Hence my comment it may be more about the individual purchase than brand due to variation or inconsistency.

I’ve some no brand work jeans from a work wear shop purchased 15 years ago. They are a 36 with the last of the 3 pair still fully serviceable. The other 2 are now well torn around the knees. Future shorts or good going out gear? They were around the $25 price range back then. The denim was initially like tenting, and the waist band taunt flat. Something I noticed as common in Asia, vs a more generous cut from the USA.


Don’t throw away your ‘well worn around the knees jeans’ just yet
@mark_m :laughing:


We do our best shopping at the op shops. Not fussy about brand, it’s the fit that matters. I to prefer the stretchy jeans that have some give when you move. Most jeans last for many years until they are too thin and start to get more holey than righteous. Then they are returned to the op shop to by utilised by someone else who has been deluded into thinking that distressed and ripped jeans are fashionably chic (because they can’t spell chique).

They are welcome to wear my old jeans but I don’t think that knobbly knees, hairy legs, and various other bits sticking out at random from a pair of jeans is attractive for either males or for females.

At the more extreme end of fashion statments, I think that wearing jeans so tight that they cut off the circulation if there aren’t holes at the knees to allow bending of the legs are only for the certifiably insane, whatever the brand of jeans.


I haven’t bought jeans for 20+ years as I am the same size as my younger years.

I have Levis (501 and 2 x 555) and an old Jeans West pair. All looking well worn. Favourite would be the 501s as the cut of the 555s and JW is less perfect for jy body shape.

I did look at buying new ones a few years ago, but felt the denim wasn’t as thick or durable and no longer made locally…so decided to stick with what I had.


I agree with Mark_M, I buy Bulls Head, they last well, good price and I don’t need to have them taken up.


Welcome to the community @Compvet46 John . Thanks for your input .


Are chinos considered jeans? And anyway, what is the difference between jeans and pants?


I must be old fashioned, but the Levi’s Red Tab are the only ones for me!


Why Chinos are better than jeans?

Weight. Chinos weigh less than jeans , making them an excellent choice for the warm summer months. Even during the “dog days” of summer, you’ll stay cool and comfortable wearing chinos thanks to their lightweight properties. … Jeans aren’t particularly heavy, but they still weigh more than chinos .28 Dec 2020


I always wore shorts, up north except where work said otherwise. One employer only issued jeans for the great outdoors. Fashion conscious over work sense.

Likely worth a topic on it’s own, considering fashion freedom is different based on gender stereotypes. Covering up for the 90% of the year the North Qld UV index is highly cancerous makes sense.

Bring back the safari suit?

I’m too fat for mine. Also a great ex use not to diet too seriously. :wink:


Jeans and Chinos came into existence around the same time .The mid 1800’s . Levi Strauss used heavy cotton twill with rivets on some seams for miners to wear originally .

Chinos were developed by the French and British army to be light weight pants . They are made out of Chino cloth which is a much lighter twill .

The following link gives the history of both


I had to go and check the wardrobe.

I have one pair of Lee, one Levi’s, and two pairs Uniqlo in current rotation.

I also have three more pairs of Levi’s unworn, from the closing-down sale of a store near CHOICE.

So, statistically, Levi’s is my favourite, I guess. :stuck_out_tongue:


I have always have gone for a comfortable fit - always Levis once upon a time now I’m really happy with jeans from Rivers and R.M Williams


Chinos, as already indicated, are made of a lighter twill than jeans, in standard trousers form and in a colour similar to Khaki, but there’s also a perception that it’s a more appropriate business-casual wear than jeans, which are seen as a bit too casual and unprofessional (unless made of very high quality denim, and have a great fit, and possibly worn with a well cut blazer).


I thought chic was only ever spelled chic! (I think it is a “loan-word.” ) Even the Spanish do. But not the Portuguese apparently.

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Especially those faded ones with the shotgun holes in the legs?