Is anyone familiar with Senior Advantage?

Thank you, JodiBird, for all this information and the underling research you have done. As an Oldie, this is much appreciated! :clap: :clap: :slight_smile:


We have just been charged an international transfer fee for joining Seniors Advantage…
It was not obvious that the company was an offshore company in online information.
Suggest that this offer is a scam.


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Prior to signing up with any company, especially those without .au suffixes in their web registration, it is always good to look at the ‘About’ and the ‘T&C’. The .org means it is registered in the USA, and the T&C clearly reveal it is a company in Lithuania. Many are not that forthcoming…


It looks like Senior Advantage is advertising its own review of Senior Advantage on advertorial websites to make it look like a safe and genuine product. Here is one I found…

It is worth noting such practices are also used by known sham products to assist in scamming potential customers by making the review look genuine and independent. Many consumers look for online reviews for making purchase decisions with new, unknown companies to ensure they aren’t being conned/scammed. The sham advertisements can be convincing, which is their main purpose to overcome uncertainty with buying through new, unknown companies or potentially sham products.

Maybe Choice could warn consumers of these new, emerging scammer/shammer disinformation tactic.


This definitely looks like one for us to follow-up on. Our investigations team will take a closer look. Thanks for your input, everyone.


Senior Advantage - I have an exchange of words with one of the Senior Advantage Australian representative. He has pestered me with emails. The Senior Advantage portal offered, among others, ‘Senior Discount’ supposedly offered by Coles, Woolworth, IGA Aldi (and more). I checked with all 4 and found that they do not offer anything specifically for ‘Seniors.’ So, Senior Advantage asks for Membership money in exchange for non-existing ‘senior’ discounts, because everybody could have it with no need for Senior Advantage membership. Perhaps Coles, Woolworth, IGA and Aldi should be aware that Senior Advantage piggy-back rides in their backs.


I see their click-bait presence everywhere. Just stay away from them. I wonder if the Mods could pin this so that it has a conspicuous presence on the site?


If one Googles Senior Advantage, it is third on the list after Senior Advantage paid placement in spots 1 and 2. Anyone who searches them will hit this thread which will have greater impact on potential customers than pinning within the forum…which only makes it more visible to forum members.

There is also opportunity for someone to add a review on ProductReview (no reviews yet) with information about this thread to also draw attention to Senior Advantage.


Google could also take Senior Advantage’s promoted content/adds “OFF” the returned searches, so only the Scam warnings come up.

Because Google cares??

The real test would be whether the current promotional material would be acceptable on mainstream media in Australia.

Because Google does not care?


I have found that Google promptly removes scam ads on being notified, but if no one complains, it won’t happen.

I have not seen a single example of the disgusting Bitcoin Scam ads since 05.09.2020 when I last complained to them.

When one closes an “Ads by Google”, it then displays “Stop seeing this ad” and “Why this ad”.

Click on “Why this ad” and proceeded to fill in the form.


Do we know if this is a one off solution by user, or Google blocks it across the whole of the Google-verse?

P.S. I don’t get a pop up or add fir the product when on the net. I can only find it following the link or searching for it by name. I guess Google must not know enough to put me in that target group, or I avoid other web pages that are more adds than content.


I just came across this article regarding discounts for Seniors by Seniors Advantage.

The contents seem legitimate but it is obviously a recruitment exercise for them.

The page is on the Senior Advantage website: Just some comments:

Save on Groceries

The came discounts apply if one has a seniors or pension card.

Over 50? Save up to 70% at Thousands of Stores In Australia When You Join Senior Advantage™

These appear to be the same discounts offered in store for any customer. One doesn’t need to pay for the privilege.

It appears that they tell their members what discounts already apply irrespective of whether they are a senior advantage member or not. If one isn’t ware of products on sale or what discounts apply with showing a seniors or pension card, there may be an small advantage…

Senior Advantage has also set up another domain…

to try and recruit new members. Setting up multiple domains is very suspicious.

Another domain run by them is…

and this should also make one wary…

Can I speak to someone on the phone?

We do apologise but we are currently experiencing a high volume of calls. For fastest response, please contact us via email and our customer success representatives will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

While they suggest not to call them, phone number which is provided is a USA number…one I would be very reluctant to call as international (and potentially premium) rates would apply.

They also claim their Australian operations are at 320 Pitt Street, Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia. If anyone is in Sydney CBD, it would interesting to know if they have a tenancy within this building.


There seem to be myriad office-share companies in that building.


I I joined and cancelled - they guarantee a full refund within 30 days - I am waiting. They list a lot of sites - for instance Canadian Tire - click on the link and you get the Canadian Tire flyer - discounts which everyone gets - Click on the link to Amazon and exactly the same thing - the whole thing is a scam - and should be avoided there is absolutely no benefit to joining - take my advice - it is not worth the money - use the links you have for the online shopping you do and use that and avoid Seniors Discount (by the way they admit that it is not only for seniors - there is no age restriction and they do not ask your age when you sign up. Still waiting for refund


If you identify yourself as a senior at most places listed they give you a discount and you don’t have to have a membership


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While laws in Canada vary from Australia, scams are universal and card chargeback arrangements from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and Amex are generally consistent.

As soon as the 30 days window closes contact your card issuer for a chargeback or open a dispute with paypal if you used them or a similar payment service. The period you can do that is limited by your card issuer but common limits are 60 or 90 days from the initial charge.


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In Canada, it may also be worth telling your local consumer association (cousins to Choise Australia) your story and experiences with Seniors Advantage. They may be able to warn other senior Canadians of Senior Advantage so that they don’t fall into the trap of paying the company any money for membership, when the membership appears to offer no additional advantages to that which exists to any non-member. The Canadian Consumer Association website and information on how to lodge a story is…


They are reposting the discounts that is already offered by companies or businesses, this is not some deals that senior advantage is offering, and in their customer support page they have just an email posting no phone to contact. Sent an email no answer in 48 hours. I would say stay away from them specially the way they let you know about their prices and offers.


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Thanks for confirming.

If someone thinks that having someone (like Seniors Advantage) make store catalogues available for a small fee is reasonable, then one can also get the same service for free using websites like:

There are also a number of apps on smartphone which also posts (such as these ones on Google Play) current retail catalogues as well.

It does appear that Senior Advantage are taking advantage over those who possibly can least afford to be paying for worthless memberships.