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How to get your money back from a PayPal transaction

Some useful advice if you need to dispute a transaction made via Paypal:


My experience iwth PayPal was vastly beter than the usless CBA MasterCard “service” when I had a problem with the Speedyfixer scam.

PayPal image CBA MasterCard image


I must say that over the years I have on two occasions contacted PayPal about certain transactions the last being March 2020 when a company obtained a renewal subscription fee from my account without my knowledge. Cutting a long story short the company concerned renewed my subscription which I normally paid manually each year prior to the expiry date. I decided not to renew with this company this year so never paid the subscription. On checking my PayPal account I noted that the auto renew box was checked. I had never allowed auto renew due to being caught out many years ago. Reading through the company concerned fine print this is automatically done unless you uncheck the appropriate box. As I said have never had to deal with this before because I always manually paid the renewal manually prior to the expiry date. Anyway contacted PayPal and was surprised that the payment was reversed. Good on PayPal.


It’s actually too easy to get your money back from PayPal. It’s well documented that all you need to do is open a “goods not as described” claim without being required to provide any proof and PayPal will automatically give your money back.

While this is good in genuine cases, it’s used way too often to scam merchants. PayPal don’t even bother asking for proof or evidence from the merchant, and ignore anything the merchant tries to provide.


I use PayPal for my online purchases. As newhaven said they are good to deal with. I too had a subscription taken; contacted them and the company and both were excellent. Money back immediately. PayPal also offers return postage on unsatisfactory goods received. I’ve used this once and they were true to their word.


I find obtaining a refund from PayPal inordinately slow and arduous. On three separate occasions I have had to contact their chat team to follow up refunds over the past year.

Gaining access to a human (cf virtual) chat person is timely and difficult and the explanations provided when you finally get through regarding slow transfer of money are often unintelligible. It seems like PayPal does everything it can as an organisation to hold on to your money as long as possible.

I actually received an email from two days ago to the effect that an organisation had returned money to me. PayPal still hasn’t refunded the money nor has the refund appeared on my PayPal activity statement.

After a ten minute attempt to get through to a human chat person yesterday I was told the reason it wasn’t appearing was something to do with it being a guest checkout. Not sure what that is and so over it I haven’t bothered to follow up again today, even though the money still hasn’t appeared in my account.


Welcome to the Forum. I have moved your post into another thread which is to do with getting money back from PayPal. Perhaps you may go through the prior posts including the one from Choice to get more information on what to do to succeed in getting your money back.

I believe this mean that you didn’t log into your account to conduct the transaction.


I have had several (7) refunds from PayPal in this financial year - all of which have been very promptly credited. None of them were for large amounts (nothing over $50), and were from a variety of retailers - eBay, Etsy, Booktopia etc - I have accounts with all of them though.
I have found PayPal to be very reliable: your experience belies mine…


That means it was processed as a credit card charge not a paypal payment, and was processed by paypal as the shop’s provider. As with other refunds to cards it inexplicably takes 5-7 days as often as not to appear on your card.

It is possible to get a ticket number and then a telephone number to actually talk, not chat, to a human. I have had to do that more than once and it always went well. Apologies I do not know the protocol for getting the number but somewhere in the dispute dialogue it took me to that page.