Have you ever bought something off Temu?

I went to get a few things from Temu on Saturday 23rd March and when I attempted to go the checkout, I discovered they have TRIPLED the minimum spend requirement for FREE postage.

It is now AU$45 minimum spend to get Free postage.

This was expected to occur by many here, but this big increase in the minimum spend for Free postage will not be at all popular.

I believe this reduce their sales, many people will cancel their purchase and walk away from Temu at the last minute as I did.


May I ask you to explain further? I’m a regular Temu customer and have only ever seen the $15 minimum requirement.

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As I previously mentioned this only happened on Saturday 23rd March 2024. You will be notified of this if you attempt to go to the checkout with less than the AU$45 minimum spend.

I checked again a few hours ago and they are still demanding the AU$45 minimum spend before you can proceed thorough the checkout process and complete your purchase.

Previously it has always been the AU$15 minimum spend to get the FREE shipping.

This will not be a popular move with Temu customers as a TRIPLING of the minimum spend for FREE shipping is a very big increase, but it is not an entirely unexpected move by Temu.


Yes, i found it had increased the limit to $35 for free shipping, or even to let you purchase. Haven’t checked recently to see if increased again. Am at the point of not using them again because of this increasing limit.


Hello jputting. Thank you for your answer.
I just visited the Temu website to finalize an order (before reading your last msg) and, lo & behold, the minimum spend for free delivery is now $35.
How interesting is that? Different limits on different days? Or is it based on spending frequency or perhaps postcodes (lol)?
I’m one of those annoying people that needs to know all, so I shall ask them🙋‍♀️


I’ll let you know …

It is likely it is based on the user. Temu is spending a lot of money acquiring its customers. It will be relying on loyalty to start paying back (recoup) costs of acquiring a customer. This will come as higher long term costs where customers may start to feel like they have billionaire budgets to start ‘shopping like a billionaire’.

Well, I’m bound to agree with you.
They certainly have my loyalty, for mainly selfish reasons. As long as one carefully checks the description of items; particularly dimensions rather than images, one can’t beat their pricing. Packaging is strangely frugal, even though somehow it seems to (mostly) work.
However, it’s their “no shipping/postage charge” under a certain limit (now $35 or $45) and their after sales service that I find most impressive.
I have never managed to buy anything from Amazon under $59 without a shipping/postage charge. If it arrives damaged, the rigmarole to return it and get a refund is time consuming and, in my opinion, quite ridiculous. Whilst Temu accept returns, even for ‘change of mind’ or ‘mistake orders’. This I know, I’m ashamed to admit, from recent experience! The refund, if requested as a credit, is instant. If requested as a deposit to one’s account, does take 5 days!
Returning an item is extremely simple … take the item in its original packaging,(seemingly only if it was boxed) take to a post office along with Temu’s emailed document on your phone and … that’s it.
More often than not, Temu refunds you & asks you to keep the item as well, to my local Goodwill store’s delight.
That’s enough of my pro-Temu rant.:joy:


Thanks. I’d love to know how they choose…

Understand. We all have different criteria for what we do and why. I agree with a lot of what you said. I guess that is what draws people to use them in the beginning. Is just a matter of where your cut-off limit is. No?

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I buy my compression socks on Temu, at the price I pay it’s a few pair each time as it is so cheap. Postage even if I have to pay is still a huge saving on buying one pair of socks here in a store. One pair of 20 - 30 mm Hg compression socks here costs me at least $120, each pair on Temu are around $8. If it was just the normal 15 - 20 mm Hg travel compression socks to buy here they are cheap enough, still a saving on Temu but postage added if not enough spent to get free postage, might not be a great saving in the end.


Not having to pay for shipping is good but yeah, i see what everyone means… minimum $45 spend to get it. So what I do is wait til I have a bunch of stuff I need in my cart and then check out. If it doesnt make it to the min spend, I just wait til theres something else I need. I ignore all entreaties to buy now because there is only one left… there will be more.

Current spend is $47 something for CPAP filters, a new hose, some magnifying glasses for reading, and an insulin pen bag with cooler inserts. I needed all of these.