Have you ever bought something off Temu?

Have you ever bought something off Temu?

Temu is an online shopping website and app that’s become popular in Australia after launching here earlier this year. We want to know what people who’ve used it think.

If you’ve bought something from Temu, were you satisfied with what you got? Would you buy from it again? Let us know by filling out our survey: https://forms.gle/8PMLtMFBVFwRKYMSA

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I heard about Temu from the abc news website that featured an article about this new kid on the block and new customers were very satisfied with the prices, delivery times and customer service.

I took a look at their website and noted they accepted PayPal payments, that was the one thing which persuaded me to give them a try as I knew if anything was not delivered or there were other issues, I could get PayPal involved in mediation if Temu were being difficult.

I have purchased multiple items from Temu.

Here are the reasons I am happy with them.

Delivery guarantee:
Temu works with reliable shipping partners around the world. We guarantee that your package will reach you safely and on time. If there are any problems during the transit of items you purchased, such as damage, loss, or delay, rest assured that we will do our best to solve the problems and provide the best solutions.

AU$5.00 Credit for delay:
If we don’t deliver your order on or before Temu’s latest estimated delivery date, we will issue you a AU$5.00 credit (Standard Shipping) within 48 hours of that date. The credit will be issued to your Temu credit balance and can be used on your next order. NOTE: No need to apply for that $5 refund as Temu monitor their deliveries closely and if an order exceeds the delivery timeframe then Temu credits your account with the $5 automatically.

Refund if item damaged:
If you receive your package and find that some items are lost or damaged in transit, rest assured that you can easily apply for a full refund for those items.

30-Day undelivered refund:
If your package isn’t delivered within 30 days after shipment, you can apply for a free reshipment or a full refund. If no action is taken within 35 days, an automatic refund will be issued. If it arrives later, you can keep it for free without needing to return it.

Refund if package lost:
If your package has no tracking updates for over 15 days without being delivered, you can apply for a free reshipment or refund because the package may have been lost in transit. If you do end up receiving the package after applying, you can keep it for free without needing to return it.

The first return for EVERY order is free:
To avoid additional shipping costs and minimize the environmental impact of multiple returns, Temu suggests that you select the items you wish to return together. Any item(s) in their original condition are eligible for a full refund within 90 days of purchase.

Price adjustment:
Items purchased from Temu are eligible for our price adjustment policy. Temu will provide the price difference if the list price of the item purchased was reduced within 30 days of the purchase. The shipment of your order will not be affected by applying for a price adjustment before you receive your item(s). You can request a price adjustment refund by selecting the relevant order in ‘Your Orders’ and clicking on the ‘Request a price adjustment’ button. Items that are on clearance, promotions or no longer available, etc. may not eligible for price adjustment. Temu reserves the right to the final interpretation of our price adjustment policy, the right to modify the terms of this Policy at any time, and the right to deny any price adjustment is at our sole discretion.

The Terms & Conditions seem to be good and they want their customers to be happy and satisfied.

The prices on the Temu website are good and very competitive with other online websites.

I used to shop on Amazon and ebay mostly, but I am very tired of ebay’s slow, slow, slow delivery service for items originating from overseas. I only shop on ebay or Amazon when Temu do not have what I am looking for or if I find their prices are cheaper. Which is rare as Temu are competitive with their prices.

I really love Temu’s FREE rapid delivery service and competitive pricing, their terms and conditions seem good and cover the areas shoppers would be concerned with.

Customer service is also satisfactory, I contacted them via their online chat widget and a response to my enquiry was given within hours.

The quality of the items received has been satisfactory, I admit the quality of Temu items is akin to the quality of items you would buy from Cheap as Chips or The Reject Shop. It pays to remember that when you are shopping for low priced bargains, you are not going to receive the top shelf premium prestige brands.

The old adage that “you get what you pay for” applies no matter where you shop.

However I am satisfied with the quality of what I have purchased, the simple fact is no matter what you buy, the majority of things you purchase are made in china or neighbouring countries.

Things to watch out for:

  1. Their website is designed to keep you shopping for
    more items and keep you coming back again.

  2. At the top of the webpage the have a countdown timer
    stating that the FREE delivery is limited to a 24 hour
    period. That is not true because after 24 hours that timer
    simply resets and the countdown begins again. In my
    experience all items are delivered FREE of charge and it
    has not changed since I started shopping there several
    months ago.

  3. They have a voucher discount system, that requires you to
    spend a certain amount with them to get discount vouchers,
    however the timeframe to use those voucher expires in a
    short period of time.

  4. There is a minimum $15.00 order limit, Temu states this is to
    try help to reduce postage costs

I have been happy and satisfied shopping with Temu as the prices are competitive and all orders have been delivered quickly FREE of charge and the goods are of satisfactory quality.

After several months of shopping with Temu I have had ZERO problems and they are adding more competition to the online shopping enviroment.


Also needs stating that if you need a refund, you do not get that, you get a refund to your account at Temu. That was a bit of a surprise. Otherwise have been satisfied. The refund was for a change of mind.


I have never had to ask for a refund from Temu and wasn’t aware refunds are credited to your account as store credit.

If Temu agree to a refund, specifically state you want the refund credit sent to your bank account or PayPal account and see how they respond.

If they insist on putting a credit on your Temu account, I would definitely raise it with PayPal. If they got involved Temu would most likely change their policy, I am sure PayPal could get a refund sent to your bank account.

When using Paypal it is the best policy to try and sort out a complaint with website directly and ask for a refund if that is what you want.

I only approach PayPal for mediation when I can not resolve an issue with the website or online vendor.

But having PayPal as a payment option meant that I was safeguarded with the PayPal buyer protection and that was the one single factor which persuaded me to take a chance and try shopping with Temu.

Shopping with Temu has been a pleasant experience. I am happy with the quality of goods, delivery times and customer service I have received.


Well, it jst meant that I had funds ready to use when I wanted other things… which I did, soon after :slight_smile:



In my case Google Forms picked up and displayed the account that I use to log into Google Chrome. I was not asked if I want to contribute that information and I don’t see how to stop it.

I am not sure under what conditions it does this but those who do not want to share their email may not be pleased that it does.

Just another case of Google wanting to know as much about you as possible, where have been and what you have done.

@LiamKennedy were you aware of this behaviour? Is this information available to the builder of the questionnaire?


This is the browser itself picking up the Google account you’ve logged into the (possibly only Chrome or Chromium-based) browser with. I see the same thing on Brave and MS Edge, both of which are Chromium-based.

I don’t think this information is actually going anywhere other than your Google account (it will save an incomplete form for you if you’re logged in).

To avoid this helpfulness, instead of just clicking the link, right-click and choose “Open in private window” (or the equivalent). This will open the form without any Google account showing. As you see, it says “Sign in to Google to save your progress”.


As long as you are happy with an account credit and you are a returning Temu shopper thats fine.

I frequently shop with Temu and I’m also happy with them and would also use the account credit within a short space of time.


Hi, thanks for getting in touch about this - as other posters have noted, this is Chrome noticing that you’re logged into Google’s system elsewhere.

Our survey is set to not collect email addresses, so we can’t see this or any other information about respondents on the back-end of the survey, only answers to the specific survey questions.

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After 5 different orders I have found Temu processes to be efficient and received a refund to my payment method for a broken item. As with eBay, Amazon, MyDeal etc etc, the actual sellers on the platform represent the biggest customer satisfaction variable in terms of how accurate the item description is, the quality of the item and the way the item is package for posting. It is the latter that I have found less than satisfactory - plastic satchels with no attempt to pad has lead to one breakage and bent box corners.


I would raise this issue directly with Temu and tell them that inadequate protective packaging is causing a higher risk of items incurring damage in transit.

They will most likely respond by saying, don’t worry you are covered by our guarantees and replacement policy for damaged items.

Try and get this raised to a higher management level and make it very clear that higher amounts of breakage mean higher operating costs for Temu.


I was a bit suspicious of Temu when I first saw adds, but I did buy something asa test run - I was very impressed by speed of delivery and the item was exactly as advertised and what I required. I bought a compression bag designed for sleeping bags, but I used for a feather doona.

Despite fact I am trying to reduce the amount of things in my house, I will probably buy more from TEMU and take the risk of the odd dud. I often simply cannot find what i want at the brick and mortar shops (as apparently Canberra is a regional town and we get pretty dud shops)


Well, I had a win, today. I needed some new filters for my CPAP machine and there they were… I also bought a gel cushion for my kitchen chair which is wooden and hard to sit on for long periods. I suppose I could have gone to a B&M shop but the filters would have cost 3x as much (or more) and I don’t know about the cushion but since the stay at home stuff of Covid, I have been increasingly unwilling to leave the house for shopping. I hate shopping.


Given that many businesses don’t offer refunds for change of mind, a credit is reasonable. I see others have received refunds for defective goods.

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I noticed that too. The goods were neither defective nor received. I changed my mind before shipping, after I realised I had bought something entirely unsuitable.

Really happy to see your experience with Temu has been a positive one but beware of relying on paypal for assistance if a dispute occurs. I recently inadvertently duplicated an order with a trader with dubious trading practices and despite many years of using paypal in the mistaken belief that they offer the buyer some protection, I found paypal of no help at all in trying to instantly stop payment for the item or in getting a refund.


Good to hear

Good to hear. Was hesitant to try. May do so now thanks to all your input :grin:

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I tried to order something. It was around $11 or $12 but they said the minimum order was $15, so I went to Amazon instead.


I have updated my original review and added that to my list of things to watch out for on Temu.

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