Have you ever bought something off Temu?

I am sorry that PayPal was not able to help in resolving that issue.

Despite your very poor experience I would still much rather shop with a trader that uses PayPal, they can and will usually help in dispute resolution in most cases if not all.


I’ve never heard of Temu and have kept getting emails, almost daily, from them over the past few months - most going into my Spam folder and those that haven’t, I’ve sent there. Until reading this thread, I didn’t realise it was a legitimate company! I have no idea how they got my email address but I will keep putting them into my Spam folder.


In addition to “things to watch out for”,
Misleading advertising, they list part of their product cheaply to get you to open the particular page, but the whole product is much more costly.
Sometimes they advertise something really cheap but the postage is way more expensive, to cover this.
They use the “almost gone” term to encourage you to spend, along with further buying suggestions when you click to the “show cart” page
On some products the information is limited, sometimes to the extent you are unable to determine whether the product is suitable, especially if you are looking for something to use in a project.
Most of the reviews, on any given product page, are fake, the real reviews are usually at the end of the review section and take some scrolling of pages to find them, if they are there at all.
I have found the quality and design on some goods so poor the product will never work as intended, EG. A sheet metal cutting device that fits an electric drill.
Sometimes the price, in the checkout section, is more than the price shown on the product page.
It easy to get money credited back to your Temu account though, if you are unhappy with the purchase.
The phone App has had some criticism that it is unsafe and uses your data in an unknown manner, I have avoided using the phone app because of this, I stick with the windows app.

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I have been shopping with Temu for several months and I have never encountered this, I never have to pay postage for anything as the postage is free, provided you meet the specified TOTAL ORDER minimum of $15 per order. If an item is less than $15 simply wait until you have several items you wish to order

I have never ever had that happen to me, ALL prices are 100% accurate at the checkout, I check all ordered items specifications and prices before paying at the checkout.

Fake reviews are a very common problem on many websites, I always look for the negative reviews and reviews which include photos.

Simply ignore the suggested items for further buying.

The quality of items has been satisfactory, but shopping online and unbeing able to closely examine an item before buying, means that sooner or later you will most likely get a bad product.

They have free returns for the first item of an order, PayPal has a free returns policy too and if you insist on a refund to your bank account, I am certain PayPal could get that for you too.


I recently received another plastic satchel from Temu and one of the items was damaged and its box crushed. I notified Temu that I would not be sending the item back to them as I considered it a waste of the world’s resources, not to mention my time and effort (the item was just $3) and, further, that I would not be buying from them again as their standard of packaging was insufficient. I asked for a refund and got it with no need to return the item. I also received an apology.
Subsequently I ordered another item and, the day after it was due for delivery, received a $5 credit without requesting one (I hadn’t even realised it was late). So Temu did honour their promise in this regard.
After 7 orders I find Temu to be one of the better types of these multi-trader websites, although a question mark remains over the packaging standards.


Here are the results of our Temu investigation, including from the survey above which was completed by 538 people. Thanks to everyone who filled out the survey or left a comment.


Almost always a positive experience. I avoid the app, and only use via browser (DuckDuckGo for privacy).
I ordered a calendar before Christmas. It was $29.95 at most places, so I bought it for $5.35 from Temu. I did, however, have to purchase $20 in goods to qualify for free shipping. I now also have a couple of torches and phone chargers that will probably fail after a few months, but it was sill cheaper than buying the $29.95 calendar.


I also only shop on the Temu website via my browser.

I tried the mobile phone app which has several time wasting games, it seemingly takes forever to make progress in any game and as you play a game it takes more and more effort to get make more progress to a reward. The promised rewards are always just out of reach.

I played the games for several days and tried hard to win a prize, but eventually gave up.

I have uninstalled the mobile phone app and only browse their website via my Brave browser.

Temu have not yet placed the games on their main online website, it’s only a matter of time before they do that.

Apart from this game playing aspect of Temu, my overall experience has been satisfactory. They have provided decent quality products, speedy delivery and good customer service.

I strongly believe they use the cheap plastic postage bags to save on the cost of more protective packaging.

This is deliberate trade off, cheap packaging and the minimum $15 value for free delivery helps cover the free postage for orders.

I have not had any products arrive damaged, but their refund policy in this regard seems good.

Temu should think about introducing protective packing for those items prone to breakage, they should introduce padded paper bags or cardboard boxes with protective paper padding which would be much more environmentally friendly.

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Fantana, that explains why I never received free shipping which they claim, as goods were under $20. I was charged $15 shipping on each of three items ordered over a couple of months. I didn’t receive any of them. They claimed one had been delivered, but nothing arrived. I made a comment on Product Review, to which Temu replied, saying they had no record of the order (you can only link to one on the site) and suggesting I had made a mistake and possibly ordered from another site. I am still surprised that others seem to have had a satisfactory experience. I would certainly never order from them again.


Temu do accept PayPal, if you had made your purchases with PayPal then you most likely would have been able to recover all your money.

PayPal is not perfect and there may be circumstances where they can not help out, but they have not failed to help me get a refund or dispute resolved to my satisfation.

I choose to only shop at websites that accept PayPal.


Since discovering this site Temu, i have made 3 orders…all items as described and really quick delivery…i use afterpay and so far no problems

Ordered 4 things this morning. Always wanted an easy way to slice avocado without also slicing my fingers. And an easy garlic crusher that’s also easy to clean. a new blouse, because t-shirts are getting tiresome, and something else I’ve now forgotten. Its just a kitchen gadget, it will be like getting a prezzie.

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