Free Computer games END Dates Various

If you like computer games that involve battles, Humble Bundle are offering a free game for about the next 35 hours that might interest you.

It will require an email address to receive the link to the STEAM key.
If you don’t use STEAM you will need to install it if you want to use this game from this offer.

Link deleted on the end of the offer.


Another Free Offer for Games (Two end dates last one is 19/12/17)

You have to register with Ubisoft
You have to install Ubisoft’s UPlay client on your PC

I deleted the link on offer expiry


Thanks for the links . Much appreciated .:v:


Another Free Game offer. This time it is from GOG and again as with the others there are some small hoops to go through. You will need to supply an email address and sign up for a GOG membership (not onerous). Use a disposable email address if not comfortable with getting emails from GOG about offers.

YMMV Not sure how it will work on your machines but as it is free worth a try (also able to be run on some versions of Linux)

Not sure when this offer will expire so if you want it get in quick, and I will delete the link on offer expiry (LINK DELETED AS EXPIRED)


New Free Game from Humble Bundle, this time “Company of Heroes 2”. Offer expires in about 36 hours from the time of this post…

If you would like to avail yourself of the offer go to

There are the same requirements as for previous offers in posts above.

I have deleted the link after the offer expired.


A new free game offer from Humble Bundle, “The Red Solstice”. Offer expires in about 41 hours from the time of this post.

The same requirements apply as for previous Humble Bundle offers above.

Deleted the link after the offer expired.


Thanks @grahroll :thumbsup:


GOG is offering a free game. Same deal as the previous GOG offer.

At the top of the page is the free game offer for Carmageddon TDR.

I deleted the link on expiry.


New offer from Humble. As per previous Humble offers the requirements have not changed.

Offer will expire in about 33 hours from the time of this post.

Deleted the link after expiry.


New free offer from GoG. All the same requirements as before.

link deleted on expiry


Another freebie from GOG, Dungeons II

Link removed after expiry


Another free game from Humble

Free offer expired Link removed


Humble have made available another free game “Spec Ops The Line”

Link deleted on expiry.


Humble Bundle have another free offer for about the next 35 hours after this posting.

The game is Galactic Civilizations II

Link deleted after offer expiry.


GoG are offering a free game. Offer expires on 24 May 5.00 pm UTC so you have about 34 hours to get it from this posting time.

Link was deleted after free offer expiry


While not a free offer, for about $7 Australian you can get 6 games (AU$20 will get you 7) from Humble Bundle. The offer has about 3 days to go. To see what is on offer visit this link:

Deleted the link after offer expiry.


GOG are offering another free game called Xenonauts. This offer expires 6 June 1

Deleted the link on offer expiry

Humble Bundle have some great pay what you want offers at the moment

Offer removed after expiry


Gog are offering Ziggurat for free for the next 29 hours after this posting

I deleted the link on offer expiry.

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Humble Bundle are offering a free game “Shadowrun Returns Deluxe” for the next 35 hours from the time of this post.

Deleted the link after offer expiry

If you pay at least US$1 you get System Mechanic from iolo technologies (link provided to iolo for readup of product DO NOT BUY from iolo site) and 1 month of PIA VPN (Private Internet Access VPN) from London Trust Media

Link to buy is


If you pay at least US$9.30 (at this time) you get a year’s subscription to Vipre Advanced Security, Track-Off Standard, a six month subscription to Prey Anti-Theft Pro & the previous two offers in the $1 category.

If you pay US$15 or more you get all the above items plus Dashlane Premium Password Manager for 1 year, “ProtonMail Plus” credit $25.00, Spider One Cloud Backup for 1 year with a 1 Terabyte limit, PIA VPN for 1 year and Ad Guard Premium for 1 year. Some of these offers are for new users only so if interested please check if you already use any of these software offers.

If you are into Arduino or similar eg Rasberry Pi they also are offering a eBook offer that has a similar sort of payment tiers.



If you like free games until the 27th Dec 2018, Epic Games is offering Subnautica for free. You have to sign on to or register if not a member of Epic Games and then you can acquire the game for free.

Link deleted after offer expiry