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Free Computer games END Dates Various


A new free game offer from Humble Bundle that will last from the time of this post about another 2 1/2 days. The game on offer is Grid 2 & it comes with 2 track add on keys one of them being Bathurst Track.

Link deleted on offer expiry


Epic Games is giving away a new free game every two weeks. You do need to install their game launching alternative to Steam. (This is exactly the same tactic used by Electronic Arts with their Origin game launcher and Ubisoft with uPlay - but both of these appear to have grabbed enough users to tighten the belts a little.)

So far Epic Games has given me Subnautica, Axiom Verge (?), The Jackbox Pary Pack, What Remains of Edith Finch, and Thimbleweed Park. Their current freebie (until the end of today - sorry for the latest notice) is Slime Rancher - which I have also grabbed.

From tomorrow 21 March (US time, presumably) to 4 April Epic Games is offering Oxenfree… free.

I’ll provide the generic home page link since the free game should always be listed at the top.


For the nexrt 2 and a bit days from this posting Humble Bundle are offering Tacoma for free. To get the deal visit:

Link deleted after offer expiry.


They do require that you sign up for their newsletter, but I am already a subscriber. The other thing to note with this one is it will be added to your Humble Library, but it is not a Steam key or similar - it’s a direct download.

Oh well, free is free :slight_smile: .

I have no idea why I took so long to discover this particular thread, given my expansive and ever-growing game library (nearly 2,000 :crazy_face: just on Steam, I have no idea when I’ll ever get around to them all).


Another game(Age of Wonders III) from Humble Bundle available free for a short time. Free offer will last for about another 36 hours. Signing up to the Humble Bundle newsletter is required if not already receiving it.

Link will be deleted after offer expiry.