FindRebates.Online Solar Panel Shonky

I noticed an ad on the homepage today which showed ScoMo in Parliamant House and a claim regarding a new Government solar program so I clicked on it and filled out the form with incorrect personal details.

I was advised that I qualified and that they had already sent my details to a local supplier who would contact me. (Good luck with that).

And sceeenshots of a couple of their ads and their website.

I love the bit "Breaking News Brisbane: Govt Launches $0 Down Solar Rebate Plan

Their name does not appear in either an ASIC or ABN search, or on IP Australia despite the claim at the bottom of their page showing c 2019.

It appears they want to mimic Finn Peacock’s business, Solar Quote, minus the integrity.

And some advice from the Clean Energy Council and Scamwatch.

Whilst I am not suggesting it is a scam, it is a carelessly orchestrated litany of lies.



These charlatans have not bothered to email me as it appears that if they don’t get a valid phone number so as to attempt to use high pressure sales tactics, it is all too hard.

A summary of their lies.

Using an image of the PM in the Federal Parliament to attempt to convey an impression that the rebate scheme is something new.

Falsely claiming that the “Gov launches $0 Down Solar Rebate Plan”.

Falsely claiming that “2020 Govt Rebate Cuts Your Bill By Up To 77%”.

Falsely claiming that the rebate is “Breaking News”.

Falsely claiming that if people do not act today, they may miss out.

Apparently failing to have an ABN and be registered for GST.

Apparently trading under an unregistered business name.

Falsely displaying that the business name has registered copyright.

If they are not shonky, then I don’t know what is. Perhaps they have graduated from selling used cars.


Great post, thanks for sharing it @Fred123 :+1:


An article on the ABC News website which may well explain the “modus operandi” of these lying charlatans.

Payday lenders sales grubs? The 2020 version of the prostitutes’ pimps but probably less “honourable” ?

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While I haven’t seem them in a few weeks, there were a series of adverts about ‘free solar’ and one could click on the advertisement to see if their area qualified. Of course no-one does, but it is like a phishing attempt to get a potential consumer (as those without solar and potentially thinking about it would click and provide their) contact details . I suspect this allow them to hard sell an overpriced system.

All I can do is recommend that if someone is thinking about solar, ask friends and family first about who they used and would they recommend them…then do some homework before reaching out to an installer. Don’t click on bait advertisements as this may result in endless grief.


It also received some airtime on ABC 7:30 on 18th of August. The solar packages appear to be high cost, over priced. It’s easy to make the assumption that the TV/advertising and marketing, commission of the sales team, solar suppliers markup and finance company hidden interest all need to be covered. The zero up front scheme marketed cost more in repayments than the savings in electricity bills for the example the ABC provided.

The big take away was these deals like payday lending fall outside consumer finance regulation. The consumer can be left worse off with no recourse.