Queensland Rebate Solar Shonky

I previously posted regarding the “FindRebates.Online” shonky.

After my post, it had disappeared but has now reappeared as an even more disgusting “Queensland Rebate Solar” shonky.

Some screenshots of theses grubs ads.

They have not just continued to use images of the PM and the Qld Premier without their permission, but have had the termerity to do a cut and paste showing them waving handfulls of bank notes whilst continuining their litany of lies which I have reported to Google over 60 times so far in the last 4 days as per the following.

"I have reported these ads to you numerous times recently but they are still appearing.

The ads are totally deceptive and misleading and use false claims regarding Government incentives together with images of the Australian Prime minister and the Queensland Premier to try to make them appear legitimate.

They originally appeared around August this year as “FindRebates.Online” which I posted about on the Choice Community in Australia under the Spot A Shonky category following which they disappeared.

They have now reappeared with the same deceptive claims and images as “brisbane.queenslandrebate.solar”.

Here is a summary of their false claims.

  1. Using an image of the Australian Prime Minister in the Australian Parliament House to try to create an impression that the rebate scheme is something new.
  2. Using an image of the Queensland Premier to try to create an impression that the Queensland Government is involved.
  3. Falsely claiming that the “Gov launches $0 down Solar Rebate Plan”. There is no such Government plan.
  4. Falsely claiming that “2020 Govt Rebate Cuts Your Bill By Up To 77%”. There is no such thing as a 2020 Government rebate.
  5. Falsely claiming that the rebate is “Breaking News”. The scheme started in 2012.
  6. Falsely claiming that if people do not act today, they may miss out. The scheme continues until 2028.
  7. Apparently failing to have an ABN and be registered for GST in Australia.
  8. Apparently trading under an unregistered business name.
  9. Falsely displaying that the business name has registered copyright.
    They are not even selling solar systems but are collecting information on prospective buyers to on-sell to businesses who do sell solar systems.

There are plenty of legitimate solar businesses in Queensland, many of whom advertise with you, and your continuing to support theses shonky ads is a disservice to those businesses.

Can you kindly shut these shonky ads down."

A few of the ads have reappeared today without the false images but still maintaing the false claims.

The top of the grubs webpage shows the logos of 6 Australian media companies as though they have been endorsed by them, reminiscent of the Bitcoin Scams.

The bottom of the grubs webpage shows this name and address .

The name is not registered with ASIC and the address appears to be false. No phone or email contact details?

A Google search does not find “Queensland Rebate Solar” but one result is this one.

It shows a summary of outstanding reviews from Google, Facebook and Solar Quotes, however searching Solar Quotes website does not find them.

Unlike the rapid response I have received in regard to all the Bitcoin Scam ads I have reported to Google, they seem very retisicent to act on these ads, presumably as they are actually getting paid.

I will inform Solar Quotes regarding the actions of this lot include claiming that they have a 4.65 star rating from 30 reviews.

I could report it to OFT Qld, the ACCC, ASIC and the ATO but it is probably a total waste of time.


What a difference a day makes.

The only ads for solar I have seen so far today are for Finn Peacock’s Solar Quotes.


It appears that Solar Quotes has had the false claims of reviews on their website stopped after I contacted them last week.

I just love the Happy Customer #1 and Happy Customer #2 claims with “Origin bills”

Free electricity and $478 profit every quarter with a system installed in 2020.

Yeah right. Did somebody say SCAM?

“With $0 upfront cost. Once we’ve designed and installed your system, you can pay it off in easy monthly instalments for less than a cup of coffee a day.”

Less than a cup of coffe a day? Home brewed or Civet coffee?

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For Happy Customer #2 and based on current FITs, they would be exporting around 90kW per day to achieve a credit of $700 over a 90 day billing cycle. This would be about a 20-25kW system (100m2 to 160m2 of suitable roof area with an install cost for a good system of about $30K), assuming the residence doesn’t use any generated PV.

Is it a fake Happy Customer #2, can almost guarantee it. Something the ACCC would be definitely interested in as they have taken action against business in the post posting fake marketing information.

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I did muse reporting it above but perhaps I now will as this crowd seem to be getting shonkier by the day.

I also messaged Brendan Mays about it but he didn’t comment about the ACCC, etc in his response to other aspects of my message regarding this lot.