Dr Espen event cancellation with no refund

Has anyone else (or someone you know) been caught with the cancellation of events in Perth and Sydney by Dr Espen? They refuse to refund money and we are a few person’s trying to come up with a plan.

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Welcome to the Community @Mia67,

What are the circumstances? Is it cancelled or ‘rescheduled’ without a formal date because of border closures and so on?

Since your event may be cancelled for many reasons I’ll leave it as a stand-alone topic for now, but if COVID related it might best be in

You should refer to the T&C on your ticket purchase, and if eligible for a refund (cancellation not reschedule) send a formal letter to the promoter for a refund, and if knocked back contact your fair trading office with a complaint.

In the topic referenced there are many who will be unable to attend any rescheduled events after they have been cancelled, and with the almost drop of the hat border closures at the moment any promoter would have difficulty rescheduling anything with confidence if the entertainer is unable to cross borders to put on the show, in addition to interstate ticket holders being unable to attend.


Just out of curiosity as there are several "Dr Espen"s, was it the Dr Espen Hjalmby (chiropracty) that you were booked to see?


That is what it is in effect, a show.

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Yes it was.

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Hi Phil, the event was relocated from Perth to Queensland. Probably due to Covid, but also as the company have changed how they deliver their training to Queensland and Online only. According to the T&C there will be a refund if the event moves more than 25km from original location. I can’t afford to travel to Queensland and have no interest to sit in front of my computer for three days! They refuse as the T&C also say they can change the event. I have contacted Fairtrade in Queensland as I feel that is against ACL section 25.


WA to Qld, tick.

Depending on the precise wording a reasonable consumer might expect that to mean they could change the presenter or the running of the show, eg the details of the program.

You might also read through


It is possible you might be required to start afresh with a formal Letter of Complaint seeking the refund, and including an ambit claim for potential costs associated with your prosecution of same.

Please keep us informed of how you go, and good luck.


Thank you for the link. That was a good read. The Variation clause read: “The consultant reserves the right to change the location of the services if necessary, on providing the member written notice. The member shall only have a right to a refund in accordance with the terms of this clause.”

The company never adviced they were changing location and considering the 25km term I would never dream of them moving it to Queensland!

I think it is pretty clear cut, but of course I don’t want to spend the same amount of money to get a refund. The ambit claim is a great idea (I’d love to add my hourly rate for the time I have spent on this). Queensland Fairtrade is currently negotiating with the company so I’ll wait to hear how they go. If no luck I’ll re-start the process with the ambit clause. Then a lawyer, and then court.


Happy days! My bank managed to reverse the charges :smiley: The company is still unethical and I wouldn’t recommend them to anyone, but at least I got my money back.


Well done but is it a ‘final’ credit or just a ‘temporary’ credit while the bank investigates? When a dispute is lodged it is the norm for a credit to be posted while the business responds. Depending on that response the credit might be finalised, or the original charge reinstated. Sometimes it can go for ‘another round’ even though you seem to have a very solid case.


I am afraid you are right - it is the adjusted temporary refund only :(. Oh, well just have to wait and see then…

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Hi Mia, yes me. I’m spewing that they will not consider a refund. Seems very cruel at best. Have you had any luck at all?

Hey guys, I’m new here, sorry to drag up a long dead thread but my partner attended a free seminar today and now wants to sign up for the three day return program and it’s a LOT of cash. I had an odd feeling and literally googled dr Espens name and it led me to this website which had the EXACT scenario I’m worried about. I’m not too well versed one legal wording I tired reading the terms but it was a bit muddy for me. But I feel like it’s a Once she signs, she’s signed it kinda idea, and if they decide to “change venue” we loose our money.

Has anyone got an update on how this situation went as I’m concerned we’re going to get ripped off. I want to say yes, but my guts telling me something.

Cheers, Josh.

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Anybody whose web site starts with “Discover your quantum potential” is a dead-set fraud. Run, do not walk, to the nearest exit and keep your hand on your wallet. It isn’t just the risk of losing your money over one event but the whole series of extra products that he will try to suck you into that will drain your bank account. There are so many products available but every one in essence is snake oil.

Helping hand hormone juice and anti-inflammatory chicken. Give me strength - this person is shameless! I nearly type “shamless” - quite the contrary.

MASTER THE WHEEL OF LIFE and QUANTUM DMT BREATHWORK EXPERIENCE. Please make it stop. My brain is telling me to take rat poison before this meaningless drivel turns it to mush. At least rat poison can be fixed with some vitamin K.

More seriously, if you care for your partner try to keep them away from this. It may be difficult but at least try. There are much better ways at self improvement that cost much less. If one is feeling in need of help spending a lot of money on nonsense will not do any good.


Hi @Josh_86, welcome to the community. I am not going to judge one based in what they chose to do or not chose to do.

In relation to your question, I would be asking the following:

  1. Do I need to book now? and

  2. If I don’t, am I going to miss out?

I suspect that you will be pressured into booking now for some reason to ensure future programs go ahead. This poses risks if one books early and it doesn’t proceed. It is worth investigating if their sessions are sold out or you can book a few days out. If you are inclined to attend a future session, why take the risk of booking early. Why not plan to go to a session and book as late as possible and once the event is confirmed.

Also see if it is possible to ask prior attendees to see if the sessions are worth the cash. Is there information online for example which might not cost the same but provide the same potential outcome for you. Is the content support by other credible sources or is it a belief of those who sell tickets to sessions?

The above may guide your decisions and good luck.

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No no no no. Scam. fraud. Ripoff. Con. Just no. Free seminar? Oh yes. Get them in the door then play on their politeness, gullibility, weaknesses or anything else that might work. Just no.

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Well frankie just came home with a truly wild personal story about her day and experience. and this woman truly tells me EVERYTHING !.. and she also came home with with a free gift ticket to the 3 day seminar. The people running the show seen how much she needs this (wether you believe in it or not) and ended up giving her the ticket in her hand on the spot… so I guess these people really do want to help others.

We’ve spoken about possible add on costs etc and she’s not agreeing to anything without talking together first. And she’s not a sneak or liar so I’m happy with the current situation.

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They are people of deep faith, they passionately believe a mark and their money are soon parted. They don’t want to help people, they want to help themselves to their bank accounts.

The introductory session will be fun, the speaker will be charismatic and pull all the strings to make the audience feel good, to feel good about the speaker and to feel good about coming back. There will be little demonstrations to show how good it will be to get some more. Many of the audience will leave feeling great and wanting more. The speaker will have them eating out of his hand in minutes. It is all emotional manipulation.

When the marks get home they will struggle to say exactly what they are going to get for going back and paying but they will want to do it all the same. The free ticket is an investment and Dr Espen will want a return.

The very saddest thing will be if one of you gets truly hooked and the other doesn’t.


Sadly I think we have a lost cause here. Josh and Frankie, please reconsider. There is, indeed, no such thing as a free lunch.

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A simple reality is that this topic exists and it should advise readers about the ‘real Dr Espen’ and organisation.

An excellent concern I share with you. Why would anyone with the customers interests at heart operate like this?

As for Frankie, willingly if not enthusiastically walking into such an ‘event’ eyes wide open with this knowledge could be dangerous. One just need to look cross pond for certain political cults to see how it goes. Reality doesn’t matter when one gets hooked and deprogramming can be difficult to impossible.

Talking and agreeing when having opposing views without hurt feelings and potentially a damaged relationship are quite different.

Good luck to you and keep objective, and try to keep Frankie objective.