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Do you use reusable food covers like beeswax wraps or silicon ziploc bags? *POLL

This is a poll for anyone who’s used reusable food covers.

Which type of product have you used (you can tick as many options as you like):

  • Beeswax wraps
  • Silicon lids
  • Silicon ziploc bags
  • Food huggers
  • Cotton sandwich bags (e.g. Swag brand)
  • Sandwich wraps made from recycled bottles (e.g. Onya brand)
  • Other (let me know which product in the comments)

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Feel free to share this poll with your friends.

I’m also interested in how you found using them? Were they hard to use? Difficult to clean? Did they work? Any particular pros and cons?

Please let me know your thoughts in the comments.


We made our own beeswax covers/wraps - very easy with some pure cotton fabric and pinking shears - amazing how little wax is needed and they are easy to rejuvenate.

The Swag is great for keeping vegies and bread in … real bread, not that square stuff …


We tend to transfer foods into a reusable and sealable plastic containers or glass jars. When finished, wash out the container and use again. Glass jars are those which contained foods bought at the supermarket.

As a result, we rarely have the need for a wrap or bag.


We do the same but we do use some Coles zip lock bags to individually freeze chicken necks and lamb riblets for our puppy.

The Coles ones are brilliant as the zip has a blue line on one side and a yellow line on the other side so that when correctly sealed, the lines appear green.



hmmm… I thought that 4 votes out of 6 - beeswax- would be 66.6%, and 2 with 1 vote -food huggers and other, would be 16.66% each, but it appears that 4= 100% and 1 =25%, and that 6 votes = 150%!


@gordon beat at me to questioning the results :slight_smile:

Before I voted: Using his screen grab, this indicates to me that all 6 voters used beeswax wraps, and 1.5 voters used the ‘food huggers’ and ‘other’ which were showing at 25%.

I voted for ‘other’ because like @phb we use reusable glass or plastic containers to store food that was cooked or was in a flimsy form of storage that we had to open but didn’t use all the contents etc.

After I voted ‘other’ jumped from 25% of 6 votes to 40% of 7 votes, or 2.8 people. ‘Food huggers’ went down from 25% to 20% or 1.4 people.

Each box ticked is one vote. This could get confusing because are you recording the number of reusable items used by voters, or for the voters, which items are used by %.


I think its just the summary that is confused - it’s not really a vote as such, more a score or count …


Regarding the poll numbers, it’s because we’ve allowed people to choose multiple items rather than single choice. You have more votes than voters, which sends the overall totals over 100%. A bit confusing I agree! Maybe we consider this for future poll types.


I love the coles ziplock bags as the blue line and yellow line make it very easy to see when the bag is correctly sealed, and after using we wash and reuse.


I love the bees wax wraps. They are particularly good at keeping avocados from going brown!


Seem expensive; but very effective & reusable. Use for cheese which lasts well before moulding.


I think that’s the option “Cotton sandwich bags (e.g. Swag brand)”. Although this sounds like bags for sandwiches (that’s what I first assumed), I think what’s meant is that they are made of sandwiched fabrics.

I agree, they are good for veggies. i haven’t tried them for bread.


I use beeswax wraps a lot. I make them myself with a blend that I also make myself. I also use PUL lines cotton snack bags, sandwich bags and wraps that I also make myself. I use mesh bags for buying fruit and veg instead of plastic ones. I make these myself too. Once home they get wrapped in beeswax wraps. Easy and nothing to throw out.


I purchased 4 beeswax covers late last year. I used them over the Christmas period when I had quite a bit of left-overs. I found them hard to use. The beeswax was very hard and difficult to place over the container and remain there. I found them easy to wash and of course they went soft from the hot water. So the next time I softened them in hot water, dried them and they placed over containers much more easily. Still not as good as cling wrap, but much better for the planet.


I found the bee’s wax and silicon cover’s lost their stickiness after awhile, I now use zip lock bag’s, and multix greener cling wrap.

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I used the bee’s wax wrappers for a while but they become limp after time and won’t seal around food. The silicon zip lock bags are great, I use them all the time. Also bought some bowl covers that look like shower caps and come in a 3 sizes, 9 per box, they are washable and thus reusable and mean no more glad wrap.


we do use some Coles zip lock bags to individually freeze chicken necks and lamb riblets for our puppy.>
And then once you finish you throw away those zip lock bags?
I place pieces of meat at a distance from each other on the cutting board covered with a plastic sheet (a bag cut and opened up, I use the same sheet over and over again and keep it in freezer), freeze, and then put frozen pieces together in a plastic bag from a supermarket bread. Zero waste.


I use a variety of reusable options and my 3 favourites are firstly, the silicone flower or leaf type pads by Charles Viancin that sit on top of bowls and form a seal; secondly, stretchable silicone squares called Grand Fusion in various sizes, and thirdly, collapsible silicone boxes with lids of various sizes. All these are lightweight, handwash easily, are safe for microwave, freezer and dishwasher and seem indestructible. No more GladWrap or plastic bags or aluminium foil required in my lifetime.


I try to use the green silicone wraps we have but they are frustrating, don’t stick well to containers, attract and hang onto grease, when you finally get them clean they stick to themselves and are a pain to open out

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