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Do you use reusable food covers like beeswax wraps or silicon ziploc bags? *POLL


Hi. Great idea. Where did you purchase the beeswax! Thanks.


I have made my own lunch wraps using Mexican oil cloth, cheesecloth or duck canvas.
I also have a beeswax kit to use to make my own wraps because the commercial ones are way too expensive. I bought one and liked it but not enough to spend big $ again on.


We use beeswax cloths, but also use pyrex glass containers with plastic lids for storing food in the fridge, or freezing leftovers etc. I keep the beeswax cloths in the fridge when not in use as they go mouldy in the tropics otherwise


I found wax wraps great for covering bowls of food to be put in the fridge. I would not wrap meat or fatty food in them as they cannot be washed in hot water; everything else is ok


I recently bought one pack of Agreena silicone wraps (2 20cmx20cm and 2 30cmx30cm sheets) Somewhat difficult to control when hand washing but we store them on the front door of our fridge for easy access. Seems expensive but hopefully they have a long life. Chris.


We use beeswax wraps, mostly for sandwiches and cheese(yes they do need to be refreshed occasionally, use a cooking oil or melt some beeswax in an oven tray) . I also really like the silicone sheets by Agreena, local makers who will also take any old/damaged ones to recycle. The Agreena sheets stick well to cover glass bowls and last much longer than the bees wax wraps. I like that they can also be washed in hot water. We just hand wash them along with our dishes. Using these two wraps or lidded containers means we rarely use any form of single use plastic.


I think you aren’t meant to wash them, just wipe them down as you would a benchtop. Softening them by scrunching in your hand has worked for me so far.


We’ve been using reusable food wraps and covers for a long time. Started using the bread bag and food wraps from 4my earth many years ago, made from cotton and plant derived thermoplastic coating ( The first set I purchased lived through a whopping 7 years of heavy use, including washing and cleaning in dishwasher. I use beeswax covers for food and bread dough, find they last pretty long but when traveling prefer the other wraps. Besides that, we use a lot of glass containers and jars to keep and freeze food that needs to be stored in airtight containers. Would welcome a biodegradable alternative to cling wrap because I like the convenience of quickly storing food in a bowl airtight instead of having to transfer it to another container. Silicone is often recommended because it lasts longer than the single use plastics and can be recycled (all good things), it’s still not biodegradable and adds to landfill and/or costs for recycling so I try to avoid it.


I was given a few kilos by a friend - I’ve never tried to purchase it …

Found this site which might be helpful …


I have resisted buying the reuseable silicon ziploc bags as their internal crevices and corners look too hard to get clean.


I’ve found waxed cloth wraps to be perfect for wrapping cheese.
The cheese does not go slimy & mouldy, nor does it dry out.

And to wash a waxed cloth wraps I lay it in sink bowl and turn cold water on and “scrub” with an Enjo washing up scrubber.


if you have a dishwasher, part the opening over 4 plate prongs, and it washes perfectly, never had an issue, hang on a bottle dryer to completely dry out before storing again.


I also use lots of glass containers for storage and pop them in the dishwasher for cleaning. I also frequently just leave left overs in the original crockery in the fridge with a suitable sized plate over the top. So I might have a dinner plate over a dinner plate and a dessert plate over a bowl one stacked on the other.


Thanks adrienne.odonnell. When I said easy to wash, I did mean just run water over them to wash off any residue. I will try scrunching them next time I need them.


I do the same, using bowls and plates, just like my mum did. Plus I use beeswax wraps, especially for wrapping cut vegetables, or cheese. I no longer buy cling wrap.


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