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Do you have a Virgin's Future Flight credit? We need to talk!

We’ve received some tip-offs that Virgin is charging double the price for the same flight for people using their Future Flight credits*. We’re investigating if this is the case but we need your help.

If you have a Future Flight credit and have a spare 2 minutes, please help CHOICE Campaigns by doing the following:

  1. Head to the Virgin Australia website and select a flight.
  2. Tick the purple box that says ‘I would like to use Travel Bank to pay for some or all of this booking’ and enter your username (the number you received via email from Virgin confirming your credit note).
  3. Screenshot the pages that show the time, date and price of the flight.
  4. Cancel the booking.
  5. Using the same flight details, try to book it without selecting the Travel Bank option.
  6. Screenshot the pages that show the time, date and price of the flight. Close the page.

You can send these through to me directly via Community direct messages.

Thanks for your help on this one!


*A Future Flight credit is a type of credit provided if your original flight booking was made on or before 20 April 2020.


This is true. Late last year I thought I’d use my credit for our flights to Darwin. I had already checked prices so knew there was a great special on Xmas day, yet when I went to use my credit, that price didn’t show up but a higher one (it wasn’t quite double). So I went with the cheap fare and still have my credit. I tried to use it again recently but there weren’t any seats I could use it on for my preferred dates.
It is not just Virgin. I had the same thing happen with Qantas recently.


I had thought to suggest this practice for a Shonky Award.


I recently used my future credit for flights I took last month and when I booked, I was charged the same amount with the credits as I would have been charged if I purchase the flights outright.

I don’t have a current credit to try, unfortunately.

My recollection of using flight credits in Feb 2020, from a cancelled booking nearly 12 months prior.
The lowest cost ticket offers were only available if you searched anonymously. You however cannot use your flight credits when it comes to payment for the booking.

To use the credits, you first need to log into your account using the link Virgin provided or select that initial option. Only after providing that advice do you get to search for flights. The priced options exclude any cheap seats that may be available for a normal booking. That’s what I observed at the time.

The original one way economy booking made on short notice was from Townsville to Brisbane. The Credit was barely enough to pay for a flight one way from Brisbane to Newcastle, approx half the distance. Townsville air fares are always a premium route for some reason, IE more expensive than Brisbane - Cairns which is 25 minutes further. In comparison Brisbane - Newcastle has been highly competitive.


Different rules apply depending on when the credit arose. The original post relates to credits for bookings made before 20 April 2020 i.e. prior to the administrator being appointed. Examples of higher fares for rebooking relate to those credits.

Did the credit that you used relate to an original booking made before or after April 2020?


Yes the original fare was purchased on 17 February 2020.

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