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Dishwashers to avoid buying

We gave you the best - here are the worst. We look at dishwashers to avoid buying.


“A lack of some sort of anti-flood system is a dealbreaker for me,”

The piece of junk Kleenmaid dishwasher we had at our previous residence flooded the house at around 2:00 AM and our daughter who was sleeping downstairs alerted us after water was dripping on her bed.

Thousands of dollars in damages including having the polished timber floors redone.

Replaced it with a Bosch who were the inventors of the anti-flood device.


What order were these listed in? The one with the highest expert rating is last. The order doesn’t seem to make any sense. If the order is random, say so.

Surely there are more than these that we should avoid buying. List them all, and it would be helpful to have a table of machine vs criteria, with a skull & cross-bone where they failed a criterion.

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The Dishwasher Review is Member Content, the teaser is not. :wink:


My way of thinking looks for logical structure & order to make things less complex and understandable, whether teaser full article. :laughing:


I wonder if these are really to avoid buying or maybe better to say, not perfect dishwashers or there are better dishwashers.

The dishwashers in question are nit terrible persay, but not as good as some other models due to various reasons…poor drying with door closed etc. In relation to poor drying, opening or the door being ajar after the wash cycle could easiky remedy.

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