Dishwashers to avoid buying

We gave you the best - here are the worst. We look at dishwashers to avoid buying.


“A lack of some sort of anti-flood system is a dealbreaker for me,”

The piece of junk Kleenmaid dishwasher we had at our previous residence flooded the house at around 2:00 AM and our daughter who was sleeping downstairs alerted us after water was dripping on her bed.

Thousands of dollars in damages including having the polished timber floors redone.

Replaced it with a Bosch who were the inventors of the anti-flood device.


What order were these listed in? The one with the highest expert rating is last. The order doesn’t seem to make any sense. If the order is random, say so.

Surely there are more than these that we should avoid buying. List them all, and it would be helpful to have a table of machine vs criteria, with a skull & cross-bone where they failed a criterion.

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The Dishwasher Review is Member Content, the teaser is not. :wink:


My way of thinking looks for logical structure & order to make things less complex and understandable, whether teaser full article. :laughing:


I wonder if these are really to avoid buying or maybe better to say, not perfect dishwashers or there are better dishwashers.

The dishwashers in question are nit terrible persay, but not as good as some other models due to various reasons…poor drying with door closed etc. In relation to poor drying, opening or the door being ajar after the wash cycle could easiky remedy.

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Interesting read on the dishwashers. Those shown are above the average aged pension to buy. Will stick to the hand wash.


Always a challenge on a tight budget.

It may be worth a second look for some.

There is a wide range of models and pricing from less than $400 to more than $2,000. These are the recommended retail prices. As Choice points out the big chain retailers will sell for less. Our recent experience is typically 15-20% less, exclusive of marketing sales.

There are a number of Choice recommended models from well known brands that are well priced on line for much less than the $800-$1,000 rrp. One Choice recommended model can be had for under $500.

Thanks Mark. we are looking locally. But at the moment with necessary large amounts going out - its handwash and let the sun dry them.

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The piece-of-junk SMEG dishwasher which was in our current home when we bought it broke down again yesterday.

We bought a Bosch dishwasher yesterday from The Good Guys. Not the model Choice recommended but another model listed at the same RRP price point in their review, although we paid around $600 less than that.

It was delivered and installed this morning and the P.O.S. SMEG was relocated to its proper home at the Council tip.

And best of all, the new Bosch unit was made in Germany. No Chinese garbage.


Assume you mean the white goods recycling pile.

Interestingly looking forward to the 22nd century and back at the same time to 15 Feb 1988 the BBC has already predicted the evolution of ‘smeg’ to become a swear word of the future. Not sure the Italian brand has the same sense of humour as the writers of the series Red Dwarf? Assuming they will still be around in another 100 years. :wink:


Tis funny that @mark_m . I used to call my young nephews “smeg heads”, until they got old enough to Google it and then beat me up when they found its derivation. Ouch.


Alas, my mini dishwasher is Chinese garbage. Except its not garbage. I love it, it only needs 5L of water and it only fits a few things but it does the job well and is economical, since I only use it every couple or three days. When it breaks, I’ll probably have to trash it, but for now… it does the job.

The Devanti brand benchtop dishwasher. Let me say this dishwasher is the perfect buy and throwaway dishwasher, if you can afford to spend $500 or more and then have to throw it away in a couple of years. Also the dishwasher did a splendid job cleaning and drying the dishes.
My dishwasher sprung a leak in the pump. I corresponded with Devanti and they admitted that they do not sell parts for any of their appliances. Even a repairer I spoke to said he can’t source parts for any Devanti appliances.

This may be in breach of the Australian Consumer Law:

Products must:… have spare parts and repair facilities available for a reasonable time after purchase unless you were told otherwise.

Unless you were advised on purchase they don’t carry spare parts, I would be formally writing to them outlining the ACL and that there is an expectation that a minor fault on a reasonable new appliance should be repairable. I would also be requesting resolution under the ACL.

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This is how it should work…