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We’ve recently updated our credit card travel insurance review :airplane: :credit_card:.


I looked to check the Westpac policy against others. I suggest there are some errors at worst or oversimplifications at best. An extract from Choice for two Westpac card policies:

My Westpac PDS lists pre-existing conditions that are covered automatically, and states one can apply for cover for other pre-existing conditions for a $45 or $75 admin fee.

The Choice report is an excellent place to start, but always read the applicable PDS for an authoritative last word.

edit: I noticed that the comparison tables have (probably) more up-to-date information than when one goes to the card policy details. For example the Westpac cover is provided by Allianz, but the detail list for the card still shows the previous provider, QBE.


Thanks for letting us know about the discrepancy @TheBBG. Our product detail pages were incorrectly displaying old data, but have been updated to the new data now (browser refresh may be needed for the updates to display). The ‘compare’ funciton was using the correct data, so this should be accurate. We agree - always read the PDS and terms and conditions before committing to a financial product.


I don’t know if it is a browser error on my part of a page display error but I am seeing St George labelled cards in the BankSA listings and no images in the St George listings. I tried it in 2 different browsers with the same result.


Thanks @grahroll, appreciate the report. Looks like an error with the images, I’ll let you know once it’s resolved.