COVID-19 Financial Hardship affecting regular payments

Anyone else tried to suspend or cancel their NBN due to financial hardship? I gather Optus won’t let me suspend but I can’t get through to a real person, or log into my account to cancel. I feel trapped!


Hello @suesedg, welcome to the community.
It is certainly a difficult situation.

We did get through to Optus yesterday.
Our strategy was to firstly log in on line to our account.
There is a chat session option as well as a little side box that pops up after a while.

We received some warnings about not being able to respond directly to routine enquires or transactions in person. The AI asked a few questions. As our responses were not within the AI’s programming to respond to we were put in a cue for a real chat session. It did not take long before we were connected to someone in Sydney for a chat session with some one more capable. (5 minute wait mid morning, so perhaps lucky?)

Eventually all sorted. Although 15-20 minutes on the phone keypad vs a 5 minute phone call left us wondering.

If you can it may help others to inform us how you go and if you succeed.


Hi @suesedg, welcome to the forum and many like you are also finding it difficult to manage their finances in these trying times.

If you haven’t seen it already, here is the info on the Optus website about how to apply:


What are the power and gas companies doing to help people with the economic outcomes from the COVID-19 crisis? Many of us are having to work from home, and being home with children means our power and gas usage will increase, especially as the weather turns colder over the coming weeks.
The telcos have provided special provisions and additional extras to help people at home, yet the power and gas companies appear silent
Does Choice have a view on this, or would you be willing to advocate on behalf of those who have lost work and wages, and the remainder of the community at home?


Hi Simon

Welcome to the forum community, and thanks for your question.

In this case, I would suggest that you write to your local State & Federal Members with the points you have made here. I don’t think that you writing to the utiltiy companies will have any effect.

In Queensland, the State Government is giving some money to households to offset the additional cost. Perhaps other state governemts can do the same? Additionally, it may also be possible for the Governments to put pressure on the utility companies to do something to help.

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The finder site has a good synopsis. One can also go to each utility company’s web site if they are not shown.

Sadly for the most part it is not an impressive response.