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Coffee : What brand/s do you prefer to buy?



Following in on from the Olive oil , cheese and tea buying preferences survey I would now like you to let me know your coffee buying and drinking habits . This should arraign a much broader spectrum of answers as we have those who buy instant , pre ground beans , beans and self grind and not forgetting the capsules available for coffee making machines . /

Expecting a mixed bag here . Your input would be greatly appreciated .


I don’t drink coffee . I’m allergic to it .:weary:


Easy answer for me is No coffee purchases and we don’t drink it. Though just as an aside the coffee grounds are great as deodoriser in the fridge or cupboard according to my mum. Perfume stores also use Coffee Beans as a way for you to clear your smell receptors by sniffing a small container of them before smelling the next scent.


Very interesting Graham . I use small bags of granulated charcoal in the fridge as a freshener . Next time my brother drops in , an avid coffee drinker , will save the grounds and put them in the fridge . Thanks for the input . I had a feeling this survey on coffee would be diverse LoL


For ‘real’ coffee I only buy DuYu coffee beans - either Road Train Driver, Dreamtime - or something strong from PNG or Ethiopia. Freshly roasted and then ground just before brewing. For grinding, I use exclusively Spong - my preference being a number 4 - but I’ve collected all the others except a 5 over the years.

For crap coffee - at work, for a caffeine charge and an excuse to get away from the screen for 10 minutes (kettles take a lot longer to boil where I work) - I go for a Moccona 10 - 2 teaspoons per cup and a dash of milk.


I drink Tea. Husband drinks coffee, but he thinks International Roast is gourmet. I buy the large tin when on special, which can be half price or more. Recently I bought Bushell’s Classic Roast, which he declared better than IR. Then I had trouble finding a stockist of tins larger than 2 tablespoons. These two form the backbone of our coffee collection. I decant into a small glass jar and keep silica gel packs in the tin to keep it dry. He has full cream milk and 2 sugar (now using Splenda substitute)

His old mate introduced him to pre-prepared sachets of Cappuccino, so I bought him some on special - there must be a big mark-up on coffee because most ‘specials’ are half price or less. We had Moccona, but he preferred Nescafe because it had the chocolate shaker. He says he has one a day; as though it is a health food. He found some ‘use-by-2012’ Robert Timms Italian Espresso coffee bags and liked them. I bought the same ones fresh (on special) and he does not like them.

We occasionally go to the local coffee shop and have a flat white or cappuccino, but not rapt in it, prefers instant.
Friend grows coffee and goes to all the trouble of picking, processing and roasting. The smell is to die for, but the coffee is so-so. After going through the processing steps, I really couldn’t be bothered doing it.


Exactly same as @grahroll, in relation to no consumption.

It is also a hay fever trigger for me.


I can’t drink it either . I get very short of breath . Similar to an asthma attack . Not at all pleasant .


Until recently, I was buying beans from The Golden Cobra. They had their roasting business just a couple of blocks down the road from CHOICE, but sadly they have sold up and gone. :disappointed:

( Amusing anecdote: in the same industrial complex is the much larger Double Roasters. The directory signboard read Double Roasters for their unit and Triple Cobras for their smaller competitor )

There are plenty of other roasters locally, and I’m working my way through them to find the best replacement. Latest candidate is Aroma - their beans are surprisingly inexpensive, and not bad at all.


All the best with your endeavours Scott . I hope you find a roaster that satisfies your requirements .


Decaf beans have disappeared from the supermarkets in the last couple of months. I can not drink regular coffee:frowning_face:


I clean my fridge instead of using a deodorizer and have another cup of coffee :wink:
(Sorry I couldn’t resist!)

I buy ‘Just Organic Fairtrade Ground Coffee’ from Aldi for my one coffee a day.


Heheh We have a clean fridge but my wife dislikes the smell or some of my pickles and the garlic for which I must add I don’t deodorise for. My mother on the other hand likes to deodorise her fridge, horses for courses I guess.


ALDI coffee the Australian made blend. Lazzio medium roast ground coffee. It is deliciously full flavoured and priced well i LOVE coffee and I really enjoy this blend.


I buy beans online from Montville Coffee. Love their coffee - have been buying it for many years. They buy fairtrade coffee and roast and package it on the Sunshine Coast in Qld. I have a percolator style coffee machine.
My daughter prefers instant, so I buy Moccona for her. Also, I would never buy a pod style coffee maker - to me it is an environmental disaster.


Thanks for the input Janette . There was a time I could drink coffee and always used the percolator . I love coffee but it hates me . :disappointed:


When it’s instant it’s Maccona Indulgence; machine is Nespresso - Dharken probably my favourite, or Dharken with chocolate.

Funny enough we are particular with tea - black, Tetley, always Tetley :sunglasses:


I think the coffee grounds need to be unused to deodorize.

The smell of used coffee grounds remind me of an ashtray, but are good for the garden:…0…1c.1.64.psy-ab…13.10.3998…0i131k1.0.2pMHSwvcja8


Works well even when used according to my mother, I guess it is up to your preference,


We prefer freshly roasted beans from a variety of local roasters. My wife reacts & only drinks decaf ground in different grinder as she can even detect the residual from the grinder. We don’t have any instant.
Decaf must be very very fresh to taste okay - we are lucky to have several roasters nearby. Micro roasters are springing up like weeds.
There has been a trend towards lighter roasts, many of which I find close to sour. I prefer medium to traditional dark roasts.
My colleagues are fans value for money wise of the Aldi medium roast. While I preferred the dark, it doesn’t come close to a really fresh roast. My favourite beans would be from Five Senses, Coffee Supreme (decaf), Talk Coffee, Veneziano, & St Ali.


This is a loaded question as coffee snobbery is almost a national pastime in Australian east coast cities.
Everybody is convinced their preferred blend is the best and many people will tell you (or bore you to death) why the blend they prefer to drink is the best.

In our experience we like to try beans from just about any supplier because some will surprise you but only a few actually disappoint.