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Coffee : What brand/s do you prefer to buy?



Have bought COFFEX Super Bar beans form the Brunswick factory for some years now. Grind my own for an espresso machine. Occasionally I try other brands but revert to the Coffex as the new variety is no improvement. Tried the new Nespresso system the other day and it beats the old Nespresso system hands down. Unfortunately the new capsules are pricey compared to the beans. I’d be tempted to switch if my espresso machine dies.


I don’t mind Nescafe Blend 43 instant. I buy the large tin when they are on special and decant into smaller jars. I cut a small hole on the edge of the foil in a half circle to pour from and it makes it easy to shake any spillage back into the tin. Also keeps it fresher for longer. I don’t go much on trying to be a barista as it never seems to satisfy me as much as a quick coffee. I like it with milk and one sugar or a sweetener tablet.


No instant coffee or environmentally unfriendly disposable coffee capsules will ever darken my doorstep. I’ve found it harder and harder to find good coffee in supermarkets, as they fill more and more shelf space with these junk coffees. Colesworths and/or IGA have in recent years squeezed out various quality coffees, e.g. several Melita blends, Brasilia Blue Mountains blend, Lavazza Crema e Gusto blend. Fernleigh, my favourite brand of plunger coffee, is organic and grown in Australia. It’s available in several blends, and uses low-caffeine but not decaffeinated coffee beans. Available in some but certainly not all IGA supermarkets. A pity that I have to travel from Bathurst to Orange to buy it. Fish Rivers Roasters, a Bathurst firm, does a good job with imported blends, and it is of course readily obtainable in Bathurst, where I live. Not however, I suspect, in Colesworths, where the lack of quality coffees and milks has forced me to do my shopping elsewhere.


I have my own Coffee Espresso machine that grinds the beans, will try coffee from coffee roasters and buy theirs, have used in past, Toby Estate, Fish River, Diamattina, Robert Timms (from Coles), Morgans (Emu Plains) and several small roasters, am partial to Robert Tims and Toby Estate and Diamattina.
On occasions will drink No 5 Moccona Instant Frieze


Thanks for the input .


Thanks for the input.


Thanks for the input .


Thanks for the input .


I get my coffee exclusively from Antz In Your Pants, Victoria Park WA. They roast on premises but source beans from around the world, many of which they get direct from growers. I prefer the Antz blends with dark flavours (cocoa, nutmeg, molasses) and low acidity but they have many blends (and single-origin beans) of various strengths and flavours. I am very fond of their cold press coffee in the warmer months, which is GREAT as an iced coffee – either straight up or with a splash of milk or milk-and-cream. The other half, however, will drink paint (self-described!) and so Nescafe Blend 43 Decaf instant (blechhh!) is what they have. They don’t seem to mind.

For home I use beans and have a conical burr grinder and manual espresso machine. For work I have a drip coffee maker (a pot a day, pretty much) which is much cheaper than buying several cups per day (average of $5 a serve in Perth).


Thanks for your input .


Just organic Fair Trade from Aldi


Drink Nespresso capsules at home but mainly soy caps out. I like the strong taste of the various Nespressos’ that I can’t get at most coffee shops. I live In the country so choice is limited


Thanks for your input


Thanks for the input .


We’ve had a report that Nescafé has changed the formulation for its Espresso blend for the worse… Any Nescafe drinkers here that have noticed the change?


Why other half has been buying these recently (purchased from Vietnamese family supermarkets at Inala or some other Asian supermarkets in Brisbane)

They seemed to be enjoyed as they disappear quickly.


Do you mean “instant” soluble in a jar?


Not Necafe, but the partner drinks Moccona and their ‘Classic 5’ changed sometime around July. The new one is identifiable by an aroma claim on the label, lower right. It has apparently not gone down well, all puns intended.. The ‘3’ and ‘8’ are believed to be unchanged and do not have the aroma claim on the label.


@mark_m I believe it’s the one with the green label (jar or tin wasn’t specified).


Thanks for link @TheBBG, that’s good info :slight_smile:


I drink the 10 when I don’t have time for a grind - two heaped teaspoons per cup - a couple of those and I’m in the groove for the day …

that’s naaasty …