Click Baits that do Nothing

There is an old topic about Seniors Advantage that had the hallmarks of a scam. Now myriad web sites, especially ‘news’ have all sorts of sponsored click bait.

Typical is (click to see what it really is)


that is revealed as yet another ‘comparison site’ from a selected list of providers who pay commissions for routing business their way.

Another variation is represented by

that does nothing but return

and each in the list returns another list

There are dozens of these click baits on many web sites. Click = ka-ching. It must be profitable all around so no worries?

‘Sponsored’ links are best ignored by all!


Some sites are infested by click-bait links. Perhaps it would be good for the sanity of readers of posts in the Community for others to stop posting links to such sites. Like 9news.


9news is a major purveyor but that was not from them. I trust that information does not lead to anyone clicking about looking for them and more :laughing:


And they wonder why we use ad-blockers


Recipe sites irk me. Many are just rubbish, either copied from somewhere or just made up. The worst are the ones that claim the recipe is an original from dear grandmother or their Nona but you know they are not because they use modern ingredients. These are just click bait to earn money from adds.


Microsoft Solitaire & Casual Games has lots of these - Mr Z likes playing. Most along the lines of “Unsold (homes, new cars etc) are almost being given away for free”
“Taking Australia by Storm…”
"(famous person) Try Not To Gasp When You See What They Look Like / Where They Live Now

Amuses me that so many “Aussie Grandmothers” have now designed Australia’s top selling bra(s). or how a 21yr old waitress who lost her job is now a millionaire, but apparently living a billionaire’s lifestyle - a million isn’t big bikkies now-a-days, and there seems a plague of them, all different women, but all with private jets, fast cars & Champaign.

Because we are on satellite it thinks we live in Sydney, so we get “New Retirement Homes in Sydney - prices will amaze you”

All Sponsored by Taboola. I don’t click on any of them.


Seniors are getting younger! Another click-bait that leads to useless comparison sites.


I got fish heads and fish frames very cheaply and searched for “recipe fish heads” and got just what you mentioned. Lots of tantalising links to travel blogs, restaurants, vague food blogs, 10 best … It took a lot of drilling down through hyperlinks to finally find a RECIPE, then to find how to cut fish heads, cook & pare out into an edible product. How much income did I just generate for influencers, bloggers, etc. How much of my time did they just waste?

On the other side - I had a fish recipe book for Australian fishermen. Not one recipe or even mention of heads or frames, apart from chucking overboard.

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Then there are the ones with sham-pain who also want your money.

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