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People who get their Choice Magazine delivered in November tell us when it arrives and what state your from? Since Australia Post has changed the way they do things.I have noticed the huge delays in getting the Magazine at a reasonable time.I naturally don’t blame Choice for this but Australia Post.Be interesting to see what sort of response we get.I only got my Magazine for October today.Was hoping their was a poll i could post up.But no access to that…Anyway tell us here when your’s arrives…


Hi @Buzz3,

Sorry to hear about the delay. I’ll be sure to pass on the information, so that the organisation can also raise the issue from this perspective. The poll is a good idea, I’ve set one up below.

When do you receive your CHOICE magazine?

  • 1 week from the start of the month (or earlier)
  • 2 weeks from the start of the month
  • 3 weeks from the start of the month
  • 4 weeks from the start of the month (or later)

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Cheers Brendan appreciate it.Most of the time on average mine takes between 2 to 3 weeks from the start of the month.Be interesting to see what happens this time around


I have noticed that the magazine in metro Brisbane has been arriving later and later each time of the past 6 months. I’ll keep an eye out for the exact day it arrives and will let you know. Often the media is talking about some of the stories before I have received it (a bit of a spoiler)…it used to be the other way around.

Maybe Choice could also adjust their media embargo to later in the month to reflect the later delivery?


Just got October today


Received October edition this week, NSW.



Just received our November edition in the post (6 November 2017). We are metro Brisbane.

December edition arrived on the 6 December.


Received my choice magazine for November yesterday 06/11/17, Sydney NSW.


November issue arrived at the Gold Coast today (7 November). I think this is earlier than usual, as it’s usually a bit closer to the middle of the month we get it.

When was it posted please @BrendanMays? (I’m assuming it comes from Sydney.)


To my understanding, they are normally sent out before the end of the previous month but there are probably further logistics that I’m not across.

Thanks everyone for the info posted so far :thumbsup:


Received our November issue yesterday (7th November) - suburban Adelaide.


I remembered to advise when Choice Magazine & Choice Computer arrived today Wednesday November 11th.
I live in Postcode 3465 (Rural Central Victoria). :joy: :grinning:


And November arrived yesterday the 8th!


Received magazine today 09 Nov .:grin: Western suburbs Melbourne .


9/11/17, this month’s issues arrived in Southern Tassie today. We usually have a 3 or 4 workday wait for mail from the mainland while it gets held at various sorting facilities in order to make the post go slower thanks to Oz Post’s pay extra if you want your mail faster policy, which basically means it would then arrive at the speed it use to arrive before the go slow policy existed. You’re not paying extra to speed the mail up, your paying extra to stop if from being held to make it look like the more expensive option is a faster one.


Received November issue Wednesday 8th…


Mine arrived today certainly a big difference compared to last month.I’m from Victoria…Don’t forget to vote people


Just home from a 120km ride on the MTB and found the November issue was delivered today 14/11, in rural NSW 35km out of Tamworth


Got my November issue from the PO box yesterday, 14 November.

@BrendanMays can I suggest a month-specific poll (e.g. November 2017, December 2017, and/or January 2018)? As the existing poll stands, it is unclear whether the responses relate to October or November - or (if it remains open - I know not how to identify whether a poll is still operable), December 2017.

This suggestion is only in case you would like more data - if you are comfortable with what you have collected, then obviously further polls are unnecessary.


I had a similar thought @postulative, and so I’m going to keep a record for each month to save additional posts. It’s useful feedback for us, so it would be good to keep it going if possible.