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Choice Magazine Delivery


Sorry - I made a mistake with the date. It should have read “Received November Choice & Choice Computer on Wednesday Nov 8th”.
Having another seniors moment I suspect :wink:.


Got mine borderline week 1/2 (I’ll pay closer attention next month) in the dead/red centre of the country … which all things considered, including Australia Post, almost suggests direct intervention by some deity :wink:


… Now this is odd - I got a mail notification yesterday for the PO box and went there today to collect, and there was Choice October in the box !! a week after November …

Edited to clarify - a week after the November issue of Choice arrived.


No new thread for December? It arrived today 07/12/2017.


My Dec mag arrived 06/12/2017 Altona , Melbourne


My Dec mag arrived on Tuesday 5/12, rural NSW 35km out of Tamworth.


My December issue Arrived On Friday the 8th


I received my Dec 2017/Jan 2017 with an overhead shot of a beach and the title “Lifesaver” today, 18 January 2018. I’m not sure if that’s the December issue or January issue - I’m just glad and rejoice like all the angels in God’s choir singing (or whichever deity you prefer, doing whatever they do when they are happy) when Australia Post eventually succeeds in that most challenging of all their pursuits - DELIVERY …

Sometimes they have an excuse …

… but most of the time not …


Feb 2018 issue arrived in the PO Box yesterday, 16 February.


My February issue arrived on the 7th in Victoria


DON’T forget to tell us when your March edition arrives


March issue arrived today, 07 March 2018.


Received my March issues of Choice and Choice Computer today 7/3 too.


Camels are still trekking across the Simpson with my March copy …


Mine arrived today being the 8th so week 2 for me this time in Victoria.


March issue of Choice & Choice Computer arrived today Tuesday March 13th at Postcode 3465 Central Victoria.
Probably a bit later than usual due to the Labour day holiday, yesterday. :grin:


Received my Choice mag and Computer mag today . 13-03-2018 .


Has your April mag arrived yet let us know when it did.Mine is yet to arrive


I’ll be happy for March to arrive !! someone must have shot the camel …


April mag arrived today 13 04 2018